Im Back

Feels like I never left.
My phone – and even more so, Jamie’s phone — have been buzzing with text messages the last couple days, since word got out I was signing again with the Giants. Jamie has heard from a ton of the wives and girlfriends saying how happy they are that we’ll be back. The families get as close as the players over the course of a few seasons.
One of the first guys I heard from was longtime clubhouse manager Mike Murphy, or Papa Murphy, as I call him.
“I’m so glad you’re coming back,” he told me over the phone yesterday. 
“Papa,” I said, “I was going to miss you too much!”
As I’ve written here before, baseball is a business. So I really didn’t think I would be back with the Giants. It didn’t seem like it was going to work out for the team or for me. The reasons have been well reported. But circumstances changed. And here we are.
It’s going to be fun working with the Giants pitching staff. A catcher’s dream. I know them so well. I have a pretty good understanding of every single pitcher on the staff. I know what they like and don’t like. So here we go. 
And I’m excited about the lineup. I think we’re going to score more runs, and of course that’s what this team needs. As for where I hit, I truly don’t care. I’m ready to hit wherever Boch needs me to hit. 
I have to say this has been a great off-season – and just because I can finally spend time with my new daughter, Jayda. I’m pushing myself hard in workouts, and I feel stronger this year than I have in a while. Last season, I changed equipment companies and it kind of messed up my legs. I’ll stick with one company all season this year. 
We also took some family time in Cabo San Lucas, and visited Jamie’s family in Seattle and went to Puerto Rico to celebrate Yadier’s son’s first birthday. My mother arrives here in Yuma on Jan. 28 for two weeks, so I’m really looking forward to that. We might try to go someplace to see snow. 
OK, so you’re stuck with my blog and me for another season. I can’t wait to get back to San Francisco for FanFest and see everybody. Hope you’ll stop by and say hello. 
Go Giants!
Photos of Jayda:
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    Mr. Molina – I am so pleased to be able to write you these thoughts. Your return to the Giants assures us another year of your sincere spirit and tremendous dedication. These attributes are of a true and exceptional human being and it has been my pleasure to see you consistently uphold the dignity of your professional commitment. Regardless of the circumstances you have been a true and guiding force on this team and a shining example to the youth of this city. You have given selflessly of yourself and have made us see what a man of true character can achieve. So in the spirit of your great contributions and your loyal convictions, let me say thank you for returning to San Francisco and allowing us the pleasure of your swing, the force of your arm and the true vigor of your optimism. This is what sets you apart from all the rest and what, in my book, matters more than the score of the game or where we are in the standings. You are the best and you should know it! Have a tremendous year! You are in our prayers!

  2. cobydick

    Bengie, being a longtime Giants fan this offseason has been hard to watch. When we ended the season we were a mere few games away from missing the playoffs. To start the offseason losing our 3 year cleanup hitter was no bueno. Not only losing your bat but your awesome handling of the pitching staff was just too much to bear. When we signed you away from Toronto I knew what a person you were, and what a great player we were getting. You’ve become a staple at AT&T Park. Whenever I go there I expect to see the Mays statue, the brick of AT&T, hear Kruk/Kuip call the game ,and see Molina behind the plate. Hearing that you turned down the Mets and signed with the Giants brought me great joy. It’s all we can talk about at work. Baseball is a long season, but being in the playoff chase can put you on edge day after day. We haven’t made the playoffs since ’04 but having a team leader like you behind the plate and back in the clubhouse has brought playoff expectations to San Francisco. Good luck!!

  3. sfgyrosfan

    Totally awesome! With you and Juan Uribe re-signing, we’ve gotten the band back together again. Rock on, dudes! ;=]


  4. angelsgirl012

    Angel fan here! 😀 Still have those memories from 2002 with me! Though you’re playing for “the other team” I still root for ya and your other two brothers. I am glad that you are happy with the San Fran Giants. Your daughter is adorable! Best of luck to you next season. I can’t wait until it starts!

  5. nikkiscatch

    Bengie! im so glad you’re back as a Giant, and you’ll be a great mentor to Buster Posey, and plus Timmy would’ve missed you.
    It sounds like you’ve had a fun offseason, i can’t wait for you guys to come back, i’ve missed baseball like crazy.
    Your daughter is adorable, I love the mary jane socks! My niece had those.

    i’ll be seeing you at fanfest and take care! -Nikki

  6. sayhey24man

    It is so good to have you back. You were a big part of the Giant’s success last year–hopefully we can get over the top this year. I think you avoided a big mess in New York! Best of luck to you and the team.


    Great to see you back Bengie! The Giants need a dependable and familiar catcher like you, especially with all our young pitchers. You have a beautiful little girl!
    Can’t wait to see you soon at spring training!
    Go Giants!

  8. crazysfgiantsgirl

    Hi Bengie! I am so glad that you’re coming back! And I’m really glad to see you blogging again, I’ve missed it a lot. Thanks for posting those adorable pictures of your daughter Jayda, she is so cute! I’m super excited about this season and I really hope (and expect) that we’ll do even better than last season. Can’t wait to see you again at FanFest! 😀

  9. kellyson

    I was so excited when I heard the news that you were coming back, Bengie! I was actually really sad when I thougt you were gone because you’ve been one of my favorite Giants over the last few years. I’ll be great to see you handling the pitching staff again because you do it so well. I’m glad you’re enjoying your off-season and I hope you continue to update your blog often because I love reading it! See you at Fan Fest!!!


  10. willsfclark22

    Bengie, On behalf of myself and my whole family, I would like to say thank you for coming back to play with the Giants for another year. Your enthusiasm, hard work, and stellar play is an example that more major league players should follow. As a native San Franciscan and Giants fan for the past 33 years, I can tell you that you are one of the greatest Giants of all time, and more than that, a TRUE San Franciscan! Congrats on your beautiful little girl. Now get out there, beat some Dodger butt, and take us to the World Series!


    Hey Bengie,
    I’m so excited that you are back with the Giants. When I first heard the news that you were coming back to the Giants, I thought my friend was pulling my leg, but then I saw it on the news and realized that it was true 🙂 I’m looking forward to watching you behind the dish again this year. The young pitching staff and the team look up to you because of your knowledge for the game and your dedication to give it your best all the time. The Giants are going to have a stellar year this year! Jayda is so adorable! Hope to see you at fanfest.

  12. timmy55cy

    hey bengie, i’m so excited to have you back. I love watching you play because you love the game more than anyone ive ever seen and you show it when you play. The fact that you signed back here for less money shows what a team player you are. I want you to know that my friends and I love you and youre appreciated here. Im expecting you to be the in the All star game this year!!! Good luck.
    PS Keep updating your blogs i love reading them!


    Mr. Molina… It’s awesome to have you back with the orange and black attack. With you, A. Huff, Eugenio, Panda, and our Dominate Duo(Cain and Lincecum) we’ll give the NL West a run fore their money. Youir baby girl is beautiful. Congrats!!!!!!!! Good Luck this season and God Bless You!! GO GIANTS!!!! Yeah Baby!!


    Mr. Molina… It’s awesome to have you back with the orange and black attack. With you, A. Huff, Eugenio, Panda, and our Dominate Duo(Cain and Lincecum) we’ll give the NL West a run fore their money. Youir baby girl is beautiful. Congrats!!!!!!!! Good Luck this season and God Bless You!! GO GIANTS!!!! Yeah Baby!! — Eric from Merced

  15. shutterup

    Vaya, paisano Boricua! As a life-long Giant fan, I’m glad and excited you’ll be back this year. With you and the new additions, SF is a sure contendor in the West. Blessings for you and the rest of your family. “Pa’lante caballete, voy a ti!”


    Welcome back Bengie! Your daughter is beautiful! so glad to have you back with the team. good luck this season ! hope they have you batting right behind panda .i know you will be great were ever they put you. Have a great season !

  17. jingles62

    B-Mo! When your blog was removed a couple of months ago,I thought,”that’s it.Bengie’s done with the Giants.” My,my how things can change! There’s is NO OTHER catcher that knows the SF pitching staff like yourself. YOU ARE A MAJOR part of the SUCCESS of the starting rotation. I’m TOTALLY STOKED that you’ll be back behind the plate in 2010. I can’t wait for the season to GET STARTED! I hope to see you when I’m driving the team bus the 1st time the Giants arrive in LA(BEAT LA) on April 15th. Take Care of Yourself & Your Family. Wishing You success and all the best through spring training. . . and beyond. See you soon,Jingles AKA:The Rally Pumpkin.

  18. SFGiants4life48

    First of all,WELCOME BACK BIG MONEY!!!!!It is such a relief to have you back home where you belong!I have to say the time you were a free agent was scary becuase I was always hoping that you would be re-signed here.I was planning on the Triple B team and Have T-Shirts that said “BRING BACK BENGIE”.I was going to make like 100 of them and give them to fellow fans at the FanFest because That is one of many things that I would do to have you back home!The call that I got with the news of you being re-signed was the best news I have gotten in a long time!!Welcome back home Bengie and I hope to meet you at the FanFest!!!Take Care Bengie!!By the way your daughter Jayda, is beautiful and she has both you and your wife Jamie’s good looks!!She is so cute!!It is really nice to have you back and I think that this year beacuse of your catching and your ability to get game winning runs and driving in runs along with the help of the rest of this years awesome roster I think 2010 is going to be the year of THE GIANTS!Take Care Bengie!!!Can’t wait until April when you and the guys go out on the field and do what you do best!GO GIANTS!!

  19. slotcarbob

    Welcome back. I think this will be an even better year for you and what you do for the team. Maybe it’s not realized, but your bat a few places down the order will be welcomed, and a better fit. Mark my words. As for your defense and pitch calling, that’s a known factor, and it will be great to have a “thinker” in the most important every day position on the field.

  20. lowlyofficegopher

    WELCOME BACK, BENGIE!! As a Giants fan, I am happy to be “stuck” with you and your blog for another season. It wouldn’t be the same without you!

  21. qlabra

    Welcome Back!! My wife and I are so glad to see you in a Giants uniform again, you’re her favorite player. I’m just glad I don’t have to hear about how we “improved” the line-up while subtracting all those RBI’s and HR’s, I bet TIMMY is excited too. Gonna be a great year!

  22. taurusmoon

    Welcome back! Your spirit and energy are well needed on the field! (happy to read your blog too!)

    Your daughter is beautiful! Congratulations!


    Bengie! I’d hardly call it being stuck with your blog or you. I was extremely stoked the day I heard of your re-signing, for you, for the Giants, for their chances at winning the west this season! And now that you’re back with the blog I’m stoked all over again. Your writing has always been inciteful and entertaining. My most sincere welcome back and best wishes on the coming season!

  24. margie38w

    Bengie, I am so happy you are back this season!! I really enjoy your blog too, and Jayda Marie is just beautiful!
    It’s gonna be a great season, I can’t wait!!
    Go Big Money!

  25. cnmt

    Benige….I can’t believe how big Jayda is getting. She is adorable. I guess I will see you again in Atlanta this year. I am so glad you are back with San Francisco…from the comments here it is obvious the fans there love you!!!! Good luck this season…I will be watching from afar until you guys are in Atlanta.

    (Donna S., Pinehurst, NC)


    Bengie – so glad to see you back. It will be a great year. Best wishes to all the family!



    Bengie, I’m VERY glad you’re back with the Giants. Some of the best news of the off-season. Never thought I’d say that, after 2002 — but that was then, this is now. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog since last year. The pitching staff needs you to realize its full potential. And I remember so many clutch hits. . . . Welcome home!

  28. lyndee


    I just read that they are trading you to the Rangers….I hope that is not so. I know that things have been kinda tough right now but you are such a strong presence in that clubhouse. If they do trade you know that you will always be my #1 Giant!

  29. mamills

    Gee Bengie Iam so sorry you have been traded. When I turned my phone on i had 16 messages with condolences for me because they all know how much i appreciate what you have done for the team. The pitchers all love and respect you. good luck with the Rangers and I will continue to follow your career. Good Luck and God bless you. Mary Ann Mills , SF

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