No ordinary home run




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There’s a lightness to the clubhouse this weekend, our last
of the season. Everyone is joking around, teasing, signing baseballs and
baseball cards for the clubbies and the staff and each other.



We’re all feeling good about beating the Dodgers Friday night
and hoping we take them again tonight and Sunday to end the season on an up
note. I think everyone on the team knows that, despite our record, we laid a
great foundation for next season. We go into the offseason excited and
energized for what might come next year.


Everyone always says if you come to ballpark every day,
you’ll see something you’ve never seen. If you came to the ballpark Friday
night, you saw something nobody has ever seen. It happened in the sixth inning
with the Dodgers leading 2-0. Pablo Sandoval was on first. I hit a pitch that
bounced off the right-field wall. I stopped at first, and Pablo advanced to


Bochy had already told Manny Burriss that if I reached
first, he’d go in as a pinch-runner for me. When I got to the dugout, I saw
Omar telling Bochy that he heard the ball hit the green metal roof above the
wall, which meant it should have been a home run. Bochy talked to the umpire,
who apparently felt confident in the call. Then Bochy saw the ball – it had
green paint on it. The crew chief called for a review under the new rule, and
he ruled it a home run,.


So now Manny’s standing at first, and I’m about to go back
out there to complete the run around the bases. But the umpire said that,
because Burriss was officially entered in the game, I couldn’t go back in. So
he ran the bases.


When he came into the dugout, I was laughing. “Nice swing,”
I said.


I heard the official scorer had to call the Elias Sports
Bureau to get a ruling on how to score it. They said I’d get credit for the
home run and the two RBI but not the run scored. So I am the only player in
baseball history who has hit a home run without scoring.


It was a crazy game, as Dodgers games often are. It was
great to come back in the 10th and hear the fans go wild.


It’s been a really nice few days for me. I found out on
Friday that I had won the Willie Mac Award for the second year in a row. It
surprised me because there were other guys who couldn’t easily have been
chosen. Randy Winn, for one. When Jim Moorehead from Media Relations told me in
the clubhouse, I got chills. It means so much to me that my teammates and
coaches respect me and think so highly of me. That’s the biggest thing, that
they appreciate my effort and my friendship inside and outside the game.


I’ll write again tomorrow and share my plans for the offseason.
Thanks for reading.


  1. giantzfan4life

    I didn’t get to see that game because where I live, the game wasn’t televised that day, but I saw it online the next day and I was laughing so hard. That was just so bizarre. But hey. At least you guys scored! I wish I could have been there! =)


  2. waltred


    This has been a great year for you. I know it has been tough with the way the team ended up, but it looks like we will have a great team next year. This has been a great Blog, it alows us to see a little behind the screen look at what a ballplayer is thinking and doing. I thank you for writing and sharing yourself with us. Good luck in the future.

    Walt in Rochester, NY

  3. bengiefan

    Embrace that funny little distinction Bengie. I love that it’s you that has it. You’ve had such a great year and I’ve loved every second of it. I’m excited about this team for next year, everyone showed what this team is capable of so I’m ready to see it happen. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this blog. I’ve truly enjoyed it.

  4. rob2

    Hi Bengie; Wanted to say to the team Thanks for a fun year.. Hope Omar comes back next year..have a great time off,see ya next season!
    Rob D.

  5. lowlyofficegopher

    Hi Bengie!

    Congratulations on a most well-deserved, second consecutive Willie Mac Award! I was privileged to be at the ballpark on Friday night for the presentation, and to see your in-the-park homer. What a great night that was, capped with come-from-behind win!
    The Giants really have given us much to cheer for during a season that “experts” had just as soon dismissed from day one. That said, I’m already looking forward to 2009. Until then, have a great off-season with your girls!

  6. sweetliner

    Hi Bengie,
    Congrats on winning the Willie Mac Award! It has been great to read your blog this season.
    Go Giants!

  7. jingles62

    Hello Benji,I just wanted to let you know that the last weekend series against the Dogheads was the BEST! Even though we didn’t sweep,it was still GREAT.Your HR Friday will be one for the ages.I put on my Rally Pumpkin outfit in the middle of the 6th right before IT happened! Sunday was the one my HAPPIEST days at AT&T.I don’t know if you noticed, I was sitting 7 rows above the Giants on deck circle,and would start cheering BENJI,BENJI,BENJI when you would come to bat.Larry Baer has been VERY GOOD to me when I need tix.It was kinda sad to see Peter step down as President.He has been VERY nice to me over the last 12yrs that driven the team bus in so.Cal.You’ve also been very kind to me when you’ve been on my bus,and would like to thank you for that.If you have not seen my website,you check it out at you for being the PERSON and PLAYER that you are. Take care have a GREAT off-season & see you next year.Jingles,aka Rally Pumpkin


    Hey Bengie
    First of all congratz for the Willie Mac Award, no doubt about you deserving it.

    I don’t leave in San Franscisco anymore but I am still following you guys everyday from France (thx to, and the last years were not as good as my expectations, but this year was a real pleasure, even if the record is kind of harsh.
    All of you guys show a real team spirit and it was so enjoyable to see you guys never give up on the field. I really loved watching this team from the first game to the last one this year (and what a last game, it was … perfect).
    There is so much to say about everybody on this team that it would be too long to write.
    So i just would like to say thanks to you for what you bring to the team, STAY THE SAME next year, you are a true exemple. And if you could just say thanks to Omar from us, we are gonna miss him (and his incredible plays at SS as well as his spirit). We really loved seing him on the field for all this years. Tanks a lot also for writing this blog, i really hope you’ll keep this blog alive next year. Have a good off-season, take care and enjoy your time with your family, and can’t wait to see you next year on the field. GO GIANTS!

  9. tacklebox

    Bengie, we are so blessed to have you as a catcher for the Giants. May you have many more years in your productive career as my favorite all time Giants catcher. I am a Giants fan of 57 years and I have seen them all. Blessings to you and your family…

  10. bornagaingiantsfan

    Excellent just-there home run! I was at the game, VB315 Row B Seat 1. Tried chatting up the camerawoman whose work helped convince the umpires, but didn’t bother responding to me…

    Can you please work with Brian Wilson on getting that home run count and ERA down next year? His blown save almost completely ruined your home run… đŸ˜¦

    Since Sabean doesn’t want to keep Omar around as a player, at least I want Sabean to keep Omar around as a coach to help teach his replacements how to play the game.

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