Why We Play Seven

9:30 p.m.

    Obviously this wasn’t the kind of game anyone expected. A very strange night. But that’s baseball. Do we expect to win every game? Yes. You go into every game expecting to win. And we expected to win this game until the last out in the ninth.

 One thing we take away from this game is the fact we never give up. There wasn’t a moment in the dugout that we didn’t think we were going to come back to win. Every guy kept battling. As much as anything, that defines this Rangers team. We’re always pulling for each other, and we always believe we’ll find a way to win.

But we were off tonight. Cliff Lee didn’t have the curve ball working really well, and he didn’t have the precision location he usually does. He made some mistakes over the plate, and give the Giants credit, they were swinging and hitting.
We also take away from this game that we scored seven runs against a great Giants pitching staff. I know people characterize the Giants as a team of misfits and cast-offs. I know better than anyone that they’re pros over there. None of us thought they were going to roll over for us. We have to earn every inning.
I’m glad to get the first game over in San Francisco. It was really nice to hear the fans cheer me during introductions – and I was gratified that they didn’t cheer me when I came up to the plate. They know I’m going to give everything I can to beat the Giants. So of course I was really glad to get two hits here.
The first time I was up, I wished Posey luck and he wished me luck. Then I looked out at Lincecum and touched the bill of my cap, and he touched his in response.
I had as special a relationship with Timmy as I have had with any pitcher. Maybe because he was so young when I began catching him and I became a mentor to him. We have texted since I was traded but I had not seen him or talked to him in person until the game yesterday. I had heard he had said really nice things about me to the press.
When he came up to bat for the first time, I stood and told him, “I want you to know that hits or no hits, win or lose, you’re my boy.”

“Hey, Be-Mo, I love you.”

Then we both got to work.
The Giants came out on top today, but that’s why they we seven. Nobody on this team was down, even in the clubhouse after the game. We know what we can do. We have C.J. out there tomorrow, and he matches up well against the Giants’ lineup. We’ll get some rest tonight then come out battling tomorrow. Let’s hope the rain stays away.


  1. girlaqua@gmail.com

    From a couch in the Washington, DC area, I will be there every step of the way.

    See you guys tonight…

  2. jenshinrai

    I’m impressed that you actually take time updating your blog. It’s really nice. Btw, WS Game 1 reminds me of the NLCS Game 1. I hope you enjoy this series (I am rooting for the Giants, so that’s all I can say).

  3. jillh426@yahoo.com

    I understand that there are ups and downs in sports so seeing that yall were a little off last night is understandable. I think we found out that Cliff Lee is human! 😉 I’m a bigtime Rangers fan and KNOW that yall can regroup. If you can regroup from game 1 of the ALCS, you can regroup from this! Good luck tonight and GO RANGERS!!!!

  4. rmsecretario@gmail.com

    Bengie, you are a solid guy–class act. I’ve been a Giants fan from day one as I was born and raised in San Francisco. The fans here in SF will always love, respect and admire you Bengie–we did when you wore the orange/black and we still do when your sporting your blue/red. Your the best Bengie!

  5. soares.t@apple.com

    Bengie, Tim Lincecum loves you alot and always lets the media know it. He has alot of loyalty towards you. I hope you guys stay friends for along time. I really miss you as a Giant and it’s hard for me to root for them without you on the team. You’re the reason I watch baseball in the first place. I use to hate it before. I’ve watched you now for a couple years and your my favorite player and person. I was never an A’s fan but when you went to the Rangers and came to Oakland I went to the stadium just to see you play. I sat in the front row every time.

    Please post some more pictures of Jayda. I’d love to see how much she’s grown. You haven’t posted pictures of her since she was really little.

    Good luck in the world series and I’ll be rooting for you specifically. I can’t wait to see you get your ring.

    Please don’t retire next year I want to come see you play.

    Your the best Bengie and everyone in SF loves you.

    How are you liking your iPad?

  6. fruitgirl

    Great blog (again). Love watching this World Series….better than last year because there are 2 teams that need a ring!! Very entertaining, and Boston & New England has it’s fingers crossed for you and the boys. Cliff will get back up on that mound and get the “W”, he’s a real pro, and C.J. is dynomite! You guys are dangerous!!

  7. wia4you@yahoo.com

    I have just started reading your blogs, I can say that i am impressed with details you provide on the games. I wish you and your teammates the best of luck. Bring the title home to TEXAS! I’ll be watching and cheering. God Bless

  8. texweevil

    Bengie, thanks for taking the time to write; it’s great for us fans. I was a big Salty fan and sad to see him go so it took a little time for you to grow on me, and you definitely have. I’ve come to really respect you and enjoy watching you. You are a Ranger and I hope you stay one for a long time.

  9. hb77@hotmail.com

    First off – you write beautifully and your voice is genuine and engaging. Can’t wait to read your book!

    Second – whatever happens – and I expect nothing but the “Big W” – thank you and all the guys on the team for the joyous past month, the joyous past season. Spending time together with my family, watching the Texas Rangers play on TV (we no longer live in Texas) has brought my family closer and I can’t thank you guys enough for that. As fans for over 25 years, we’ll never forget this experience!

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