A Seasons End

I had such mixed feelings walking off the field today. I was happy because we played well for the fans and because Timmy got his 15th win of the season.

But it’s sad, too.

It’s the last time this particular group of players will be together on this field. It’s the same at the end of every season. Some guys will retire or move on to other teams. I don’t know what’s going to happen to me. I don’t know if I should be saying good-bye to the home fans. I want to come back to the Giants. Jamie and I love San Francisco. It’s such a beautiful place with beautiful fans. But it’s out of my control. I have to wait and see.

I know some people are rooting for Buster Posey to take over for me. I know this because I hear the chants in the stands sometimes when I come up to bat. They paid their money and they can do what they want. But sometimes I think, “Really? This is what you give me after three years here?” The truth is I love Buster Posey. He’s a humble kid who’s going to be a superstar. He came up to me after the game he started and was talking about how his hitting was so off.

“Hey, kiddo,” I said to him, “it’s not all about hitting. It’s about how those pitchers are throwing the ball and how you’re helping them.”

I’m happy to help a kid who might take my job. I want him to have a great career. That’s part of what I love about playing baseball – the relationships in the clubhouse, how the veterans can give advice to the young guys, how we help and support each other. That’s always been so important to me. I take my role as a mentor very seriously.

If I don’t come back to the Giants, I know I can walk out of the clubhouse with my chin up. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I’ve done more than they asked me to do. The numbers show what I’ve done. (I appreciated the piece John Shea wrote in the Chronicle the other day. www.sfgate.com/columnists/shea/)

One of those numbers is 20.

In the back of my head, I’ve always wanted to get to 20 home runs, but it was an actual goal. But that night last year, when I sat next to my dad during his wake, I promised him I’d get 20 home runs this season.

“I’m promising you something I’m not sure I can do,” I told him that night.

I promised this because my father was always telling me, “You’re capable of 20.”

One day not long before he died, I had said to him, “I try, but I guess it’s not meant to be for me.”

He put his arm around me. “It’ll happen. You’re a good hitter.”

So when I got to 18 home runs this season then hit one early in the game on Wednesday to make it 19, I was thinking, “OK, this could happen.”

Then I got up and hit the ball off the end of the bat. I didn’t think it was going out but when I reach first, I saw the ball got into the stands. I started getting very emotional as I was rounding the bases. I also felt a relief in my whole body.

“Wow, it’s 20,” I thought.

When I stepped on home plate, I looked up at my father.

“Hey, I did it,” I said to him. “You were right. I did it.”

When I was talking to Amy Gutierrez on CSN after the game, I started to tear up, but I didn’t want to cry on television. But when I came into the clubhouse, I lost it. I stood at my locker, looking at the framed collage of my father. I stood there by myself, leaning into my locker. I didn’t want anybody to see me.

I took a town car home to Lafayette that night. I knew it was after 2 a.m. in Puerto Rico. I knew my mother would be asleep and I didn’t want to wake. But then I thought, to hell with it, and I called her.

“Hey, mijo, what happened?” she said. “Are you OK?”

“Mom, I did it,” I said.


“I got to 20.”

“What? You got another one?” She had seen the first home run then went to sleep.

“I promised dad I was going to do it.”

She stared crying, and I started crying.

“He’s very happy for you right now,” she said.

When I got home, Jamie was waiting for me, and she was crying, too. I hugged my father’s picture. It was a very emotional night.

I wish we could have made the playoffs, of course, but we’ve had a very good season. It has been a privilege to play with these guys and with these coaches. At the end of the game today, when Randy Johnson got the last out, I walked toward the mound and shook his hand. “It’s been a pleasure just to catch you,” I said. Before I leave and he leaves, I wanted him to know what an honor it has been to work with him.

I’m not looking forward to saying good-bye to everyone on Sunday. I’m excited to drive back to Yuma with Jamie and Jayda and plop down on my own couch and watch football. But we get really close as team. We spend more time with each other than we do with our families during the season. This is a tough thing to do every season.

Thank you for all your good wish and support this year and the previous two seasons. I hope I’ll see you again next April.


  1. tedcd

    You’ve been a tremendous assset to the team these past few seasons, Bengie. You are a class act and I hope you come back. I wish you and your family well regardless.


  2. gamene

    Bengie, this was my first season as a real Giants fan, and you were a huge part of my getting hooked on our team. You are always a class act and a team player, and your loyalty – to the players, the coaching staff, and the spirit of the game in general – has been obvious to me even as a newbie.

    There are other Giants who, like you, bring great skills to the team, and I’m not minimizing your contribution as far as catching and hitting at all – but it’s that special combination of skills with true character that makes you such a role model.

    If we don’t bring you back next year, you will be sorely, sorely missed. I hope you enjoy the off-season with your family, and I really hope to see you again in orange and black next year!

  3. block70

    Just a quick thank you, for both writing this blog and for being a part of the Giants. Congratulations on your goal, and I too hope you are back next year. If not, you will be missed.

    Congrats to the entire team for a great year!

  4. giantzfan4life

    Hey Bengie. As happy as I have been that Buster Posey has been called up, nobody could truly take your place. You are such a great catcher, a great mentor, and overall just a great person. I noticed the emotion after you hit homer number 20. I didn’t understand at first, but after that interview with Amy, it left me in tears as well. And you’re father was right. You are capable 20. You always have been. Don’t ever doubt yourself and don’t ever let anyone doubt you. Thank you, Bengie, for a great season and I really hope you get signed back next season. If not, I will always be a fan, no matter what. Have a great off season with your family and I hope to see you next season.
    Much love to you and your family,

  5. rhymeswithorange

    Bengie – I would like to explain to you why many fans, myself included, think it would be best if Posey/Whiteside started in 2010. First let me say I have been reading your blogs all year and I have much respect for you as a player and as a person. The Giants have never had a WS winner in SF. For decades now the frustration of all Giants fans has increased every year. (If we could have won that exciting WS in 2002, I’m sure most fans would want you back in 2010, myself included.) However, the Giants have been trying to win it all since before they came to SF and they have been mostly trying with veteran players. Very few all rookies teams have been allowed by Giants management over the years. So when word of this exciting, young, talented player, Buster Posey, was announced, everyone hung a lot of hopes on him for the future. And with the frustration level so high, everyone wants Posey to play right now to get in much needed hands on experience. If you look at teams that have won the WS in the last decade, The Angels for instance have a great minor league system, but when their talented rookies get a chance in the MLB, the fans are not as eager to see them come up and become starters, they have more patience because they were able to see their team win it all in their lifetime and nothing will ever take that away. All I want is to see the SF Giants win it all before I die. Bengie, you have been the best player on this team all year – but many fans want a younger team, if only because it is not the same old club of veterans that we have seen for the last 20 years. Please understand how everyone has valued your contributions for these past 3 seasons – you will always be loved in SF – but patience is something that is not easy to find as a Giants fan. And if you return next season, of course we will welcome you with arms and hearts wide open. There is just such a collection of free swingers on this team, yourself included, that it is frustrating to see an offense that has about as little patience as all of us fans do. I hope this helps clear up the attitudes and thoughts of many fans who would rather see Posey start next year. Thanks for all the excitement you have brought to SF. -RWO

  6. teambanzai

    Bengie, you were one of the key reasons that this was such a fun season to be a fan. I was happy to be there the night you hit 20, and following the Giants throughout the year, through good times and bad. Thank you for a great summer of baseball. And I for one hope to see you back next year. Take care.

  7. ikallen

    I may chuckle at Kruk ‘n Kuip’s cracks on your base speed and there are a lot of aspirations for Whiteside & Posey but at the end of the day all Giants fans appreciate that you come out to the field with a lot behind-the-plate wisdom, a big bat and a lot of heart. So I hope we’ll see you in the squat again and taking big money swings in orange and black, you’re a great Giant and should be back in 2010. Watching Zito and Posey struggle over the calls the other day was tough, it underscored how much the team needs you to show the kid how to play in the bigs.
    – A Giants fan in Lafayette

  8. crzblue2

    Dodger fan here. You made me cry thru that post. I think this is the second time I read one of your posts. From a baseball fan that likes to read players and fans blogs, thank you for keeping up with your blog. I was born in Honduras and we all use the word “mijo” too.
    I hope the Dodger/Giant rivalry is stronger next year.
    Good luck to you pero no contra mis “Doyers”

  9. vegasgrl

    I hope you come back next year. I really want to see Buster break through next year, but you’re a great catcher and a great player and just an all around great human being. Yes there are some Giants fans who would rather have Posey, but there’s also a lot of group of fans that want you back and work with Posey. Good luck! Hopefully you come back, but if you don’t best of luck with you.

  10. crispyrn


    It was a pleasure watching you this season. You are truly an inspiration and motivation for our team. I believe you will be an awesome mentor to Buster Posey. I personally hope you will be back next year. Congratulations on home run #20. I am sure your father is very proud of you, as is every Giants fan in San Francisco. Thank you.

  11. mich88

    This year more than ever before the Giants have come together as a team. In the dugout you look like you belong together, enjoy every minute together and we, your fans, love you all. But you Bengie are the heart of the team. They need you and we want you back. Congratulations on the 20 HR, it was a privilege to be there to witness it. Thank you Giants for this exciting season, can’t wait for the next.

  12. gregsabia@gmail.com

    I hope you will be back in 2010. However, if you don’t, you must remember two things…

    The first thing, you were an integral part of this team. There’s a reason the Giants have one of the best pitching staffs in the major leagues ? you. Every blog post or comment I hear from our pitching staff, they all praise you. Lincecum and Cain especially.

    The second thing, Giants fans never forget.
    We will never forget the great things you did for this team. We never forget to appreciate a great career. And we never forget a great Giant.
    We will never forget you Big Money Molina!

  13. zimfroi

    It has been a pleasure to watch you play baseball for the last 3 years. If you do not come back next year, just remember that to us, you will always be a Giant, and we will always remember the way you played the game while you were here.

  14. crazysfgiantsgirl

    Reading this post made me cry! I really, really hope you come back next year. If you don’t, I’m going to miss you so much!! But wherever you end up next year, I’ll always root for you and you’ll always be one of my favorites. πŸ™‚ You have been amazing – hitting home runs when we really needed them, catching great games from our great pitchers, throwing runners out, and being a wonderful mentor to the younger players. Thank you for everything! And congratulations on your 20 home runs! I hope you have a fun and relaxing offseason with your new baby and the rest of your family, and I hope to see you next year!

  15. lauriii8@yahoo.com

    I REALLY REALLY hope you come back next year. You’re a TRUE Giant and we will never forget that no matter what happens. Similar to how JT Snow, Rich Aurilia, etc are such integral parts of the Giants team (even after this many years), you will also be a integral part of our team. We really appreciate everything you’ve done for the team as you were a key part of our success. You’re such a professional, a great person and a great player. Again, I really hope you do come back next year. Molina/Posey! Plus, I think you would be the best mentor for him. Congrats on the 20 home runs. WHoo!!!! The sky’s the limit!

  16. giantslove

    NOOOOOOOOooo you can’t leave!!!

    I understand Posey, but to me, you’ll always be the heart of the Giants.

    I feel you should have gotten the same love that Aurilia got, even though of course I don’t want you to leave.

    Just know there are many SF Giants fan who have a lot of love for you.

  17. j3nni4

    Wow Bengie!!!

    I think it has been a great season and we are all happy of how far you all made it!!!

    thank you so much for everything that you do!!! We really hope to see you next year because things wont be the same without you… we know that everyone has a day when they all retire but I just hope that we can keep you as long as we can because your such a great person and the team will miss you a lot if they let you go!!!

    te deseo lo mejor!!! Congrats on your 20 homers!!!

    Muchas gracias por el autografo no tienes idea de lo feliz q estoy de tener la firma de una persona tan especial!!!

    We love you Bengie!!!

    We hope to see you next year!!!

  18. nkoan

    Congrats on the 20th home run. I was cheering for you when it happened, and after reading this its something even more special. I’m sure you’re pops would be proud. This team is something special, and I’d love to see you all back next year, as well as all the new kids too. I’d love to see you around for at least another year, to help along Buster, Pablo and all the other young kids on the team that could use your advice.

    I think this team has become my favorite set of Giants since my childhood heroes of ’89. Next year is looking great for this team, and I hope everyone is back to take it all the way.

  19. giantsnana09

    Thank you for a great season, Bengie. My husband and I have enjoyed watching you in all of the games this year. You are certainly an A-1 class act. You make us fans proud to be Giants fans!!! Congratulations on your 20th HR and on the birth of your daughter. Enjoy the off season with your family and we hope to see you back in 2010!! Buster needs you — he’s not ready to go it alone!! He needs your guidance and your expertise behind the plate.

  20. nevfan

    When I attended Spring Training three years ago you were present at the BBQ. I was impressed with the things you had to offer – and looked forward to watching you play. I still treasure the ball that you signed that day.

    You have absolutely become my favorite player on the Giants. I hope you are welcomed back with open arms to help see this team into the future. I watch you sit on the bench with Buster Posey and talk to him during games – offering your advice. This is the single most important reason that they need you back – to mentor this young man who will someday take over in the starting position. What you bring to the field, and to this team in particular, is class, talent, and knowledge of the game.

    I’ve seen players come and go – but to let you go would be a shame. I love the youth movement and the use of the farm system (finally) – but I still believe there’s a place for veterans like you in the clubhouse.

    Good luck Bengie – hope to see you in orange and black next year!!

  21. devriser@cox.net

    Thanks Benjie ! congrats on a great season and reaching your personal goal.I truly hope you will be back next year Buster is good but he could only get better with you to mentor him . You are a class act and if you should not come back we will miss you but wish you happiness and success in whatever or wherever you you do or go , God Bless !!

  22. davidteschjr@hotmail.com

    Bengie, don’t allow the voices of a few discourage you. I personally can’t stand to read some of the posts of people who are constantly negative. No matter what happens they won’t be happy with any current player or manager, etc.
    There is no frustration here with the year the Giants had, we had alot of very entertaining games and I enjoyed watching you guys play hard. I enjoyed the season that all of you players gave us, and I look forward to seeing you in a Giants unifrom again. I appreciate all the work you’ve done with our pitchers helping them grow into the best starting staff in baseball. Say hey to the Panda for us.

  23. nesewatch

    bengie, don’t let the crowd get to you. I will always cheer for you even if you move on. I hope that you find a place that really can appreciate your talents. I know that I did. thanks for all the good memories that you gave us. I actually hope that you do come back. I think you with a little more rest and mixing in posey here and there would be great. You would be fresher and hitting way more than 20 home runs. haha. anyways hope you know that we love you in SF. please try and come back.

  24. woodenstrength@yahoo.com

    Congratulations Bengie!! We are so proud of your accomplishments….to be a part of your life in this way as fans!…We love all that you are!…Thanks for doing this blog …. I still have tears in my eyes from reading this blog…even as I saw you hit your homeruns and your emotions.
    I come from an athletic family as well and feel deeply all that you go through with your brothers and special Dad and Mom. Thank you again for sharing who you are πŸ™‚ We will ALL be better because of who you are! πŸ™‚
    I have very good feelings that you will be here with us again next year! because that is how it should be …:) take care please in the off season with your loved ones πŸ™‚ Once a Bengie fan…always a Bengie fan! πŸ™‚

  25. pharoahfan

    Benji by far gives the most genuine and well spoken interviews and comments of any non-native speaker in the clubhouse. You can see every day that Benji’s goals are exactly that of the fans, and looking at his career stats really gives you an idea of what Benji was willing to do for this team. Without Benji, the Giants don’t have a winning season. NO GIANTS FAN with any intelligence or sobriety should be criticizing Benji, or rooting for Posey over him. Benji has produced for this team, and Posey has simply been talked about. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d take the proven dedicated Giant over the one who has yet to prove himself.

  26. remeier2@att.net

    Greetings Benji!
    Thank you for another incredible season as a Giant!! And, congratulations for reaching the milestone of 20 home runs! I had tears in my eyes when I read that this was an accomplishment your Dad had told you would happen–AWESOME!!! Benji, I believe that you have been a major part of the success that Tim (15 wins) and Matt (14+ wins depending on today’s game with SD) have had this year–not to mention an improved Barry Zito and a much improved, solidified pitching staff in general. I like what you told Buster about his PRIMARY responsibility being to help the pitchers–you will be a great mentor for him if you are given the opportunity. I hope that Bruce–being a former cather himself–realizes that you are the key to keeping this pitching staff at peak perfomance. I also hope that Brian (Sabean) realizes that a veteran player of your caliber is invaluable to building a team into a consistent year-to-year playoff team. And, I’d like to see you, Benji, win a World Series as a Giant!
    God bless you and yours, Benji!!! And, once again–THANKS!!!

  27. sabesfolly


    You seem offended that the fans want Buster Posey to play. It seems to me that if you try to see the fans perspective on this you may begin to understand.

    The 2009 San Francisco Giants have one of the best pitching staffs in all of baseball, but they have the WORST offense in the National League when measured by the most important metrics, namely OBP, SLG, OPS and OPS+.

    As an offensive (and I mean that in every sense of the word) unit the 2009 Giants exhibit a horrendous approach at the plate and brutal situational hitting.

    It’s arguable that had the Giants had just an average offense this year they would have won the west.

    This situation is not your fault. It’s not your fault that Brian Sabean signed an average career OPS+ Aaron Rowand to a long term contract. It’s not your fault Sabean signed a declining Edgar Renteria to a ridiculous 2 year contract. It’s not your fault that the Giants have only THREE players this year with an OPS+ above 100.

    This is what I see as a fan, a less than anemic offense with a lineup inhabited mostly by older, declining players. Again this isn’t your fault, but you are a part of that.

    Do I appreciate that you play hard? Yes. Will I applaud you? Yes. Will I be sad to see you leave SF? No. It’s long past time for the Giants to improve this pathetic offense, but I hold no hope for it as long as Sabean is in control.

    Fortunately for you, this means that we will probably see you in a Giants uniform next year.

    And I will still be yelling for Posey.

  28. baseballbob43

    Great job the last 3 years Bengie!! I hope the team is smart enough to bring you back. You are a class act and offer much more than what goes on between the white lines. It has been my previledge to have met you and speak with you during spring training daily. Take care and hope to see you soon!!

    Bob @ Scottsdale Stadium

  29. thefrisco415@gmail.com

    Buster Posey might be a great chatcher in the future, but you did a number of good things for this team and your a great chatcher, and a hitter. I hope you get the luck that AJ and Yorvit did when they left SF to go to Chicago and Colorado. They now play for better teams with somewhat more success then us. I live in Colorado now so I watch all the games on the local channel here, and every time you’re up to bat againts the rockies, the annoucers always have a number of good things to say about your catching and hitting skills, and how good of a sport you are in this league.

  30. soares.t@apple.com

    Benjie, Please don’t leave the Giants!

    I’ve been rooting for you in the stands constantly but I’m a small person with alittle voice. You just can’t hear me over the crowd. I love sports but I’ve never had a favorite player before you. You’ve made me love the giants and it just won’t be the same without you on the team. I would have to switch to whatever team you join. I just bought your bobblehead on e-Bay and I have it sitting on my desk at work for everyone to see. I’ve explained to all my friends and co-workers what a great person you seem to be and what a terrific athlete you are. You’re a very popular person at Apple now. We need you to come back to the Giants so we can root for you even more. BTW, you have a great website, very professional. Remember
    no younger catcher will ever take your place no matter who they are…

    Please update us when you know what you decide.

    All the best to you……

    Also Ray Ratton of the SF Chronicle wrote a very nice article on you as well.

  31. ilovegiants4

    YOU DID IT!!! What a great accomplishment that you got to 20 home runs. You know your dad is up in heaven cheering you on so excited that you achieved your goal. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    Just from seeing how you interact with the team you can tell that you have a HUGE impact on players and coaches. I really hope you can come back next year. I think it would be great not just for you but also for Posey. I think it would be good to have someone as experienced as you and someone who really loves this team. Also I kind of look at you as the captain of the team. You always seem so calm and know how to communicate well with your team. Also you know when to step up when your team needs you the most. Hope you and the rest of the Giants enjoy your offseason and hope to see you back in 2010!!! Great job!

  32. ilikethegiantsmucho

    Thank you Bengie. I think I speak for countless Giants fans when I say that you have been one of the key members of the core of this Giants team. As a youth growing up in a time where ballplayers seem to selfishly focus on money and fame over sportsmanship, it has been great to see that there are still class acts around baseball, especially for those Giants fans aspiring to be a pro player someday. Seeing someone who can hit the ball, call a game, and play a clean catcher all while remaining humble and appreciative is truly a rarity in today’s game. The Giants have quite obviously benefited significantly from you contributions on and off the field. It is no coincidence that they have made continual and definite progress towards being a great ballclub simultaneously with your arrival on the Giants and your ascention into the heart and soul of this team. I desperately hope the Giants will keep such a fine player behind the plate, but if they do not choose to do so, take solace in the fact that your appreciation for San Francisco and the fans is a mutual love and respect. I wish you luck wherever you end up playing next season, and know that whoever you do play for is one lucky team.

  33. justin.cohea@gmail.com

    I don’t know if you read all of these posts, but here’s to you. I have read a handful of your blogs and I’ve got to lift my hat to you. As others have said, you are a class act. I love following the catchers of a team because they mean so much to the leadership of the team. Santiago, before you, was such a passionate guy. You have brought heart, leadership and darn-good experience to the team. I’d hate to lose you on the team, but I understand what you mean about people’s eyes being turned to the “next guy”. Even though Buster had horrible stats in his short stint, people seem to still be talking about him. Your leadership is something this ball club needs! I really, really liked seeing how the rookies, vet’s and all those in-between worked together through the season. It’s too bad that Randy got DL’d. I know you were battling stuff off and on. Pablo had some aches. Lincecum and Cain hit some hard breaks in the second half. But, as a team, I LOVED watching things come around. I wanted to see for so long what the Giants could do without Bonds, and THIS season made me smile.

  34. giantsfanatic


    I?ve been following your blog since last season. I love reading all that you have written about games, teammates, and your family.

    You are truly an exceptional offensive and defensive player?one of the BEST Giants players this season. I was so happy for you when I watched you cross home plate after you hit your 20th homerun of the year.

    Thank you for all the exciting moments you have given us Giants fans this season. I?m hoping to see you in a Giants uniform in 2010.
    Wishing the best to you and your family during the off season,

  35. aas32

    Thank you Bengie, and the rest of the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS team and organization. This has been truly a year to cheer. Watching Pablo, Juan, and you this year have been been exciting all year long. I hope you return as a GIANT where you belong and make that push to the playoffs. If you don’t return I wish you success where ever you may go…as long as its not to the dodgers, but we know you wouldn’t do that to us.

  36. michellemariemc@yahoo.com

    I hope that you are back for next year, it just doesn’t feel like you’re done here yet!
    I love reading your blog. You write beautifully and truly from the heart.
    Be happy. Have a lovely winter with your family.

  37. iloveyadier4@yahoo.com

    I have enjoyed reading all your blogs over this season. I hope that you will be willing to keep us posted during the offseason as best you can. Thanks for always letting us pry into your life for some mere mintues. Its an honor to say that you’ve become one of my favorite players and I’m not even a Giants fan rather a Cardinals. But with the kindness you have shown, you deserve all the respect.
    Hope to keep in contact over the offseason
    Great Job this year, Good Luck next year and
    God Bless

  38. nikkiscatch

    Hey Bengie, i hope that you have a nice offseason. I sure will miss you guys, you had a great season even though you didn’t make the playoffs. I enjoy reading your blogs, the last one made me tear a little. I hope you are back with the Giants in 2010, i’d love to meet you at fanfest in February.

  39. nikkiscatch

    Hey Bengie, i hope that you have a nice offseason. I sure will miss you guys, you had a great season even though you didn’t make the playoffs. I enjoy reading your blogs, the last one made me tear a little. I hope you are back with the Giants in 2010, i’d love to meet you at fanfest in February.

  40. nikkiscatch

    Thanks Bengie for a great season, i enjoyed watching the games this year, you guys came a long way and made it so far, so i hope you are proud of that. I hope you are with the Giants in 2010 and i’d love to meet you at fanfest in February. I think i met u when you were on the Angels but very briefly, it was photo day. ;p

  41. maddmolly

    Bengie, you are a classy guy. I hope you get to stay with the Giants, but if you don’t, where ever you end up, the team and fans will be lucky to have you. I live in St. Louis and have become as big a fan of yours as I am of Yadi’s. Have a great off-season and enjoy your family!

  42. uglyfinder

    Bengie, I truly hope you come back…Three years you’ve been with this team and you’ve given your all. Make the decision that’s best for you and your family. Don’t base the entire SF Giants fanbase on a few hecklers…You know as much as anyone how great the fans are here. Best wishes.

  43. abel_kk_peewee@hotmail.com

    Bengie! πŸ™‚
    Your are my favorite player of all times!
    Seeing you play always made my day.
    I loved watching you play this year.
    Every time u came up to bat or got interviewed i got super
    excited..you are the best catcher and i REALLY hope u come
    back to the giants next season..i know u will cuz you are thee bestt!!! πŸ™‚ Also CONGRATULATIONS! on ur 20th home run! I was
    so happy for you and i know your dad was too πŸ™‚
    I love you Bengie!! and I’ll see you next season as a Giants
    Catcher πŸ™‚


  44. cnmt

    Bengie – what a great season you had!!! And you did hit # 20 – I know your Dad is very proud of you for that. I, too, hope you come back as a Giant next year – but where ever you end up I know you will play well and do them proud. I look forward to “finding” you somewhere for a game next season….I will find a way to get there!!!!

  45. stephanievandy@yahoo.com

    I started reading your blog because I’m a fan of your brother, Yadier. I’m truly impressed by you. Not only by your abilities as a catcher, but you as a person. It’s a breath of fresh air to read your entries and have you truly open up. Your last entry was my favorite! It showed the softer side of you and not just the hard side you have to be behind the plate! I’m sure your Dad is proud of everything you accomplish on and off the field. The Giants would be crazy not to sign you again next year, but if they do not whomever gets you will be a lucky team! I hope when you do get signed it is by a team that plays the Cardinals so I get the chance to see two Molinas behind home plate. Good luck and Thanks again for taking the time to write this blog.

  46. nate1970

    I’ve been an Angels fan for a long time, so I’ve followed you your entire career. Thank you for the 2002 memories!

    When I moved to Northern California in 07, I was thrilled that you had signed in the off-season. My new wife & I spent many days and nights at AT&T rooting for you and the Giants (you are her favorite player EVER, she’s got 2 different Molina jersey t-shirts..both Angels & Giants)

    I hope that the Giants do the right thing and bring you back to SF so you can bring the Giants back to the World Series and maybe even retire a Giant.

    Best of luck…we’ll be watching you!

  47. ikallen

    Sorry to hear you filed for free agency, but I understand there’s been a lot said that makes you look beyond San Francisco. Regardless, I think many, like me, will continue to regard you fondly as a Giant. Rock on.

  48. joey55

    Bengie, you have been a Giant among Giants. “Big Money”- they don’t call you that for no reason, you came through when we needed you most! I’m a firm believer that Lincecum wouldn’t have had the success he’s had if he didn’t have you behind the plate. I appreciate the blogs as well, I know you are busy and don’t have to do this but it shows how much you care for the fans.
    We’ll never forget, our very own, “Big Money Bengie”

  49. jaxsf

    Thank you so much for another fantastic year of baseball. You are a proven talent and it would be unwise to let you go, I truly hope that gets worked out soon.

    If athletes are to be considered role models then you are the kind of man I would call “inspirational”. Dedication, thoughtfulness, studied, practiced, patience, endurance, learning, growing, adapting and my favorite is the joy you bring to the process itself. In my book, you are a true hero.

    I hope your hands are healing up OK.

  50. amky40@gmail.com

    Dear Bengie,
    Today, I turned my Giants calendar over to start the new month, & when I saw your picture I wanted to cry! The thought of you not being a Giant is almost too much to take! You’ve been such a wonderful addition to the team–your dedication to the game, your work ethic, and your leadership as a consummate professional is only part of what this team is going to miss if you go! While the Giants are committing to “going younger”, it seems they are willing to give up so much–a great catcher, a great hitter, & a positive role model– for a young player who they “hope” will be as good as he was in the minors. It’s very frustrating for a fan who doesn’t believe that “out with the old–in with the new” is always the best way to go. I know you have to do what’s best for you, Bengie, & I wish you the best, wherever you go! You will be a huge assett to whichever team you’re on, and I hope you know that despite a few impatient, ignorant fans, most Giants fans appreciate what you meant to this team, and will miss you immensely! This blog has been a real joy to read, & I hope you will continue it! Good luck to you, and may you and your family have a blessed holiday!

  51. grabsomepinemeat

    It’s pretty kool for Bengie to feel comfortable sharing his vulnerbility with his fans…….and it’s pretty kool for him to share the special relationships he has with both his father and his mother……..it’s pretty evident he has his head screwed on right and he’ll be kool whereever he is…………

  52. ikallen

    Glad to see you back, Bengie! Looks like the G’s are shaping up to have a more fearsome batting line-up and it’s awesome that you’ll be part of it.
    – A Giants fan in Lafayette

  53. bornagaingiantsfan

    Welcome back, Bengie . Hope you get a contract extension . Busty may be good some day, but he’s a risk as all young players are.

    And, gosh, I need to work on my *own* MLBlog…

  54. raydeeoh

    Welcome back Bengie! You’re an important part of what makes the Giants special. Plus no one else can hit those low-outside balls! πŸ™‚ Looking forward to reading your blog again this year!

  55. giantslove


    The day I wondered upon your blog was the day I found a real reason to love the Giants. Your gentle nature, love for the game was so easy to see. You gave the sport heart.

    I wish us fans had the chance to give you the standing ovation you deserve.

    Thank you for being an inspiration.

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