January 2010

Im Back

Feels like I never left.
My phone – and even more so, Jamie’s phone — have been buzzing with text messages the last couple days, since word got out I was signing again with the Giants. Jamie has heard from a ton of the wives and girlfriends saying how happy they are that we’ll be back. The families get as close as the players over the course of a few seasons.
One of the first guys I heard from was longtime clubhouse manager Mike Murphy, or Papa Murphy, as I call him.
“I’m so glad you’re coming back,” he told me over the phone yesterday. 
“Papa,” I said, “I was going to miss you too much!”
As I’ve written here before, baseball is a business. So I really didn’t think I would be back with the Giants. It didn’t seem like it was going to work out for the team or for me. The reasons have been well reported. But circumstances changed. And here we are.
It’s going to be fun working with the Giants pitching staff. A catcher’s dream. I know them so well. I have a pretty good understanding of every single pitcher on the staff. I know what they like and don’t like. So here we go. 
And I’m excited about the lineup. I think we’re going to score more runs, and of course that’s what this team needs. As for where I hit, I truly don’t care. I’m ready to hit wherever Boch needs me to hit. 
I have to say this has been a great off-season – and just because I can finally spend time with my new daughter, Jayda. I’m pushing myself hard in workouts, and I feel stronger this year than I have in a while. Last season, I changed equipment companies and it kind of messed up my legs. I’ll stick with one company all season this year. 
We also took some family time in Cabo San Lucas, and visited Jamie’s family in Seattle and went to Puerto Rico to celebrate Yadier’s son’s first birthday. My mother arrives here in Yuma on Jan. 28 for two weeks, so I’m really looking forward to that. We might try to go someplace to see snow. 
OK, so you’re stuck with my blog and me for another season. I can’t wait to get back to San Francisco for FanFest and see everybody. Hope you’ll stop by and say hello. 
Go Giants!
Photos of Jayda:
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