Showing what were capable of

Wow, what a day at
the park. I hope you got to see it. This was the kind of game that shows what
this team is capable of.

The Padres got a
home run into the bay on the very first pitch of the game – and we fell behind
3-0. Even just a few days ago, that might have been enough to sink us, the way
we were playing. There have been a lot of ups and downs for the team the past
month, as you know. The loss on Tuesday to the Marlins might have been the
roughest. Four errors. Only two hits. I was as down after that game as I can
remember being in a long time. I just sat in front of my locker for the longest
time. I didn’t want to talk with anyone.

It’s one thing to
lose. But to lose the way we did was just embarrassing. I don’t care if we have
no chance to reach the playoffs — we can’t play like that. Ever. We still have
to play 150 percent and try to win every single game. You have to respect the
game and respect your teammates and respect the fans. It means so much to me to
see the fans come out to watch us play and I hate when we don’t play the way we
know we can.

It’s not just
about winning, though that’s why we’re out there. It’s also about setting an
example. You don’t know if a kid is watching to see how he should conduct
himself. You don’t know if you’re a role model to someone out there who is
studying how you go about your business. So you have to play every day, every
inning, with everything you have. The results will take care of themselves.

We’re also setting
examples for each other, here on the field and in the clubhouse. We have to
pick each other up when we’re down. We have to go out there and perform with
such desire that our teammates can never doubt that we’re behind them 100

We talked about
that among ourselves, some of us using more pointed language than others, about
picking each other up, playing hard, not taking the job for granted.

Then, just like
that, it all turned around.

On Wednesday, the
Marlins tied the game in the ninth then Roberts, Winn and Rowand loaded the
bases in the bottom of the inning. I waited on deck watching Lindstrom walk
Rowand intentionally. I knew he would be going fastball on me. I just wanted to
hit the ball hard to the outfield. Sure enough, I got a 99 mph fastball on the
first pitch and hit it to center field deep enough to score the winning run from

I don’t know if we
showed ourselves something that day – that if we keep playing hard every single
inning and never give up — that we have the kind of players who can win any game
at any time. The next day, Thursday, Matt Cain had a great outing, even though
he didn’t get the win. Then Timmy came out on Friday and pitched one of the
best games I’ve seen him throw. His location – the key for every pitcher – was
so on.

Then Zito pitched
great on Saturday for our fourth in a row. He’s pitching now the way we always
knew he would pitch. He said it himself on the radio Sunday morning: He’s just
more himself. Before you could tell he was pressing – which is deadly for
pitchers or for hitters. Z was never nervous or scared on the mound – never,
never – but he was putting so much pressure on himself. Now you can see he has
the kind of presence on the mound that he had at his best.

Z’s finishing the
season strong — and that’s what all of us have to do. This should be the time
for every player to show what he can do. As a team, we have to show ourselves
and the fans that we’re better than our record this year. We want to finish
this season having laid the groundwork to be contenders next season. So, not to
sound like a broken record, but we have play hard and keep on playing hard to
the final out.

We did that again

After falling
behind, 3-0, we got one back in the fourth, two in the fifth and four in the
sixth — three on my homer into the left-field bleachers. When I was rounding
second, all I could think about was Kevin Correia getting the win — only his
second since April. In the clubhouse afterward, I said, “Co, that’s for you.
You deserve it.” He’s been so close so many games and not gotten the win. For
me, that was the most important part of my first five-RBI game of the season.

The Padres scored
a run in the eighth but that was it. We swept the Pads and got our fifth win in
a row.

The truth is, I was
really angry when the game started and I struck out my first at-bat. I already
was ticked off because Bochy sat me on Saturday. I hate sitting, no matter how
tired the manager might think I am. So between that and striking out, I came
back into the dugout after my first at-bat just miserable. I told myself just
to calm down. I couldn’t play being mad at myself or anyone else. I thought if
I calmed down, everything would change. And it did.

In the next entry,
I’ll talk about my at-bats today, and also about the amazing Pablo Sandoval.

Thanks for
reading. See you at the ballpark. I’ll leave you with some photos:







  1. Kaybee

    I’m a Padres fan, and I really wish they would have the same mindset as you guys. I mean, you are going out there and winning quality ballgames, while we seem to be giving up. I respect you guys for respecting the fans. When our team doesn’t seem to be trying, it tough to be a fan. I don’t know why you do so well against us, but I give you credit. We are a very beatable team. We did dominate you guys last season, but I guess you are getting us back this season. I wish I could be a fan of a team like yours. You guys are far behind, but you are an exciting team, and you are winning. Thanks for the great blog. GO PADRES!!!
    Kaybee (

  2. jules35

    I know that catcher’s usually take a beating behind the plate. Last night was particularly rough on your hands…I hope you are okay. What kind of dialogue happens at the plate when either the catcher, pitcher, or umpire is trying to shake of an injury (usually without rubbing it!).


    Hi Bengie!

    What a great few games!! You never have anything to hang your head about, or ever feel that you aren’t being a good role model. I know that’s easier said than done. You go about your business 110% every day, playing or not. You’re always prepared. I truly believe that because of players like YOU, the young Giants are able to be themselves and play well. You veterans are the heart of this team!
    Keep up the great work and know I’m behind you every game and can’t wait to get out there to watch you beat LA!
    — Sue

  4. cuiran

    Bengie, I was sitting behind home plate at Correia’s birthday game and one of the best things for me this season has been seeing you break last month’s slump and get back to the kind of hitting Giants fans know you for. I missed out on getting to meet you this past weekend in Millbrae, and I was more than a little bummed about it because you’re by far one of the main reasons I’ve gotten back into the Giants and baseball after several years away.

    It’s always great to watch some of the more experienced members of the team dispense wisdom to the rookies, and from everything I’ve read so far about you and the young man my friends and I call Pablito, you’re a real pillar for this team and one that I’m proud to call part of my hometown team.

    Keep up the great work and watch out for those foul tips and inside pitches…! =)


    Congrats Bengie, on another homer!
    How do you feel the second half is going so far, with you personally and also the team? And what do you do to help the newcomers adjust to the big league and how do you feel they have impacted the Giants so far. I’ve read about you working with Pablo Sandoval. (and by the way please send him a congrats too on his 1st MLB Homer, and I’m sure it won’t be his last!) I think these newcomers are lucky to work with you and get advice from one of the best!
    Keep doing your thing out there, cause “You Are The Man!”


  6. bornagaingiantsfan

    Nothing like you and Pablo Sandoval showing what you all are capable of with back to back homers. Now if we can only get that *every* game… 🙂

    You could always make this a horse race and go on a 19-3 run. 🙂

    You can see my proto-blog at

  7. SFGiants4life48

    Hi Bengie!!=)
    You guys have been amazing lately!I feel so privleged to be a fan of a team as wondeful as the Giants!You make me feel 150% more privledged to be a Giants fan just because the Giants have an athlete as amazing as yourself!You have an amazing personality,you care about your fans,you are an incredibe athlete,and an amazing role model to alot of kids!!You are incredible!!The Giants are so Lucky to have someone as amazing as yourself on the team!Take Care Bengie!!Keep playing great baseball!~Love Always~Yourkiah a.k.a Your biggest fan!Take Care!=)
    P.S.Please tell Aaron Rowand Happy Birthday!!Bye!

  8. zebber

    Hi Bengie:)

    I have been a fan of yours since you played for the Jays. I was very upset when you went to the Giants. I now cheer for the Jays and the Giants:) I hope Zito will get back to his “old self”. I told him to pay attention to you and you would help him. I love to watch you catch Bengie, you are the best. Yaddie is “not too shabby” either. So nice of you to share all this info with your fans on your blog.

    You have a nice looking family and one extremely lucky girlfriend:)

    P.S. (Don’t worry, I am female:)

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