Good news

Thanks for all your kind words about Jamie. We got the results from the doctor. There is a growth in Jamies liver about the size of a golf ball, but its not cancerous. They will keep a close on it but they say there is no need for surgery or any other treatment right now.
We are so relieved and grateful.



    It was great seeing and talking to you again in Minneapolis, and was glad to hear that Jamie condition was not cancerous.. Thanks for signing the ball for my grandson as he was thrilled with it. Hope to see you sometime in the future and will keep you and Jamie in my thoughts and prayers..


    Bengie, good news on Jamie. We miss you out here with the Giants. Maybe we’ll meet in the World Series. Take care. Tom


    Bengie, good news on Jamie.we miss you out here with the Giants. Maybe we’ll meet in the World Series. Take care. Tom

  4. bdobson02

    Bengie – What wonderful news to hear!!! I know you are so ready to get back to TX and be with her. I will continue to lift Jamie and the family up in prayer. Blessings ~


    Hey Bengie…thanks for the good news regarding Jamie health concerns. She has been in our thoughts and prayers!
    Mike and I are planning to attend one of your upcoming games in Seattle this weekend (Sept. 17th 0r 18th). See you soon!


    Hey Bengie, I am glad to hear Jamie is OK. I am an Angels fan and my family misses you behind the plate here in Anaheim. I just wanted to say that as Angels fans we deeply appreciated the kindness and your positive attitude that you showed day in and day out in LA. You signed autographs for my kids, made them feel special, and always hit big home runs!!! This Angels fan and his Angel fan family wish you luck in the postseason and in future endeavors!!!!!!

  7. nikkiscatch

    Hey Bengie! We miss you over here in SF! Anyways i am glad Jamie is alright, that is certainly scary when something like that occurs. Good luck with the Rangers, though i prefer the Angels 😉


    It is great news about Jamie!!! Praise God!!!!!! You and your family will continue to be in my prayers!

    It is an honor and delight watcing you play here in Texas! Your hits will start falling – no worries there! Just stay after it and continue to be the dominant receiver that you are! God bless you!

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