Thanks For Everything

in a hotel room in Denver with Jamie and Jayda, still adjusting to the sudden
change in our lives. We have a 7:30 flight tonight to Dallas. The Rangers are
playing today in Anaheim, then returning to Texas tomorrow, so they told me
just to meet up with them there. We’ll stay in a hotel until the All-Star
break, then figure out living arrangements for the rest of the season. At some
point, Jamie will have to pack up our stuff in the Bay Area and have it all

is baseball. Or at least the business of baseball. As players, we know our
livelihoods are in someone else’s hands for the most part. That lack of control
over who you work with and where you live, though, is a small price for the
unbelievable opportunity to play baseball for a living – and to earn a salary
most of us never thought possible for ourselves.

Players don’t talk about
this part of the game much, the part about getting traded. Publicly, you shrug
and roll with it. But any player who tells you it doesn’t sting is lying. It’s
because you get so close to the people on your team – not just your teammates
but their families. Jamie is great friends with a lot of the wives, so it’s a
huge loss for her, too.

I feel that in this blog
for the last three seasons, I’ve always been honest with you. So I will be
honest now: News of the trade felt like a blow to the stomach. I love the guys
on the Giants. I have loved playing in front of the fans in San Francisco.

way I found out is a sign of the speed-of-light information superhighway. We
were landing in Denver last night and Travis Ishikawa asked me something like,
“Do you know what happened?”

what happened?” I asked, but he didn’t answer.

Freddy Sanchez sat down next to me, “Hey, are you OK?”

what’s going on?”

you going to be OK? I’m sorry, man. I’m so sorry,” he said.

still didn’t know what he was talking about.

Pat Burrell says, “It’s been an honor playing with you. You’re a class act.”

guess everyone had seen it on the internet or had received messages about it. I
turned on my phone and there was a text from Jamie: “We’re off to Texas.”

thought, “What the heck?”

I reached Jamie on the phone, she told me it was all over the news: I had been
traded for a relief pitcher and a player to be named later.

by one, my teammates – especially the pitchers – gave me hugs and thanked me
for the help I had given them over the years. When we were all on the bus
heading to the hotel, I stood up in the aisle and faced the team.

just want to say thanks for being such great teammates and for taking care of
me. I’m really going to miss you guys,” I said. “You have what it takes to win
this thing, and I’m going to watching as much as I can. You guys have my
number. Even if I’m not your teammate any more, I’ll always be your friend.”

was about to sit down when everyone started to clap. Then they stood and
clapped some more. It was an amazing feeling.

received tons of text messages all through the night, including a really nice
one from Buster Posey. He wanted to stop by my room to talk in person but his
dinner ran late. He wished me the best of luck and thanked me for what I taught
him. I texted him back to thank him for how great he was to me and that I
appreciated how humble and professional he was. I thanked him for his
friendship and for his wife being so friendly to Jamie. I told him I’d always
be rooting for him,

my last blog entry, I want to make sure to thank the clubbies everyone in the
training room, the Giants staff and all the coaches. They are great people.

has been such a great experience the last four seasons. Now I have to look
ahead. I talked to the Rangers general manager last night and he was very
upbeat about how I could contribute to the team. It’s exciting to be joining a
team in first place, and to be sharing a clubhouse again with my old Angels
teammate, Vladimir Guerrero. This is a new challenge for me and it’s going to
be fun to get to know all these new players and coaches and figure out how I
can help them win.

for reading this over the past few seasons. I hope our paths cross again.




  1. lovingsfin805

    You are a great catcher and were an awesome Giant, you will be missed! Texas really has gained something special by having you as part of their team. Wish you AND your family nothing but the best and more, thanks for everything you did for the Giants. You really are a class act, Bengie Molina.
    God Bless!

  2. kaiserthegreat

    Hey, at least you’re worth two players! Are you going to keep blogging as a Ranger or are you retiring this blog?


    goodbye and best of luck to you, bengie…thank you for the last few years and for the many big and memorable moments…you’ll be missed!


    I still can’t believe you are leaving. You have always been one of my favorite players, and I’ll will miss watching you catch. It’s been great getting to know you on this blog. It’s on my “life’s goals list” to meet you. Even though you are now playing for the Rangers, it will stay on my list until it happens. We will miss you, and we wish you and your family good luck!!!!

  5. krystlezombie

    Gonna miss you a lot Bengie. You are still one of my favorite players even if you aren’t with the Giants anymore. I wish you hadn’t been traded but things happen and I’ll be rooting for you no matter what! Good luck in Texas 🙂 I hope the transition will be easy for you and your family.
    Much love,
    Krystle G.


    Bengie…You are a class act. You are one of my favorite players of all time, not only because of your skills as a ball player, but also your huge heart. You are a true gentleman, on the field and off and you will be sorely missed in SF. I wish you and your family the best of luck in your future.

  7. carlosvzla

    Grande Bengie!!! Eres un deportista ejemplo dentro y fuera del terreno de juego!!! Te vamos a extraar, saludos desde Venezuela!!! Eres un vivo ejemplo de humildad y de liderazgo!!

  8. carlosvzla

    Grande Bengie!!! Eres un deportista ejemplo dentro y fuera del terreno de juego!!! Te vamos a extraar, saludos desde Venezuela!!! Eres un vivo ejemplo de humildad y de liderazgo!!


    i remember moving but I cant imagine moving after meeting all these people on your team. You have a huge heart and I can definitly see that after reading. Go Texas!

  10. nkoan

    We’ll miss you. I wish you luck in Texas. You’re still on my Fantasy Baseball team, so I’ll still be watching (heck, I probably would anyway).

    I hope you continue blogging while in Texas. I love reading this blog.

  11. kungfuocelot

    Bengie I’ve always liked your blog and watching you play for SF. Sorry to see you go. We wish you nothing but the best.

    As a side note, I noticed that after the trade Buster Posey has been wearing the Orange/Black gear similar to the gear you wore for the Giants. Did you give it to him as a parting gift? Earlier in the season he had worn plain black gear like Eli Whiteside uses. Just curious, since your new team’s colors are different.

    Anyway, good luck Bengie.


    I dont care where u go….
    I have been watching baseball for almost four years now, and ever since the first time I watched a Giants game, I have loved you. You are MY FAVORITE PLAYER EVER!
    I named my Dog after you. lol.
    He is my Bengie Molina since I can’t meet you.

    The day I heard that you got traded I burst Into tears. It is NOT fair what they did to you, and to your fans. My goal was just to meet you. I am going to the Rangers vs. A’s game on July 29th. I will hopefully be right behind the Rangers dugout in a Giant’s Molina Shirt.

    I guess I have a new favorite AL team because you will always be number one to me, no matter what team you play on.


  13. angelsgirl012

    Hi Bengie! I’m an Angel fan but I’ve been following you closely ever since you left here. I apologize on behalf of the organization that you had to find out about your trade in such a way. It isn’t right. You deserve some sort of meeting or even a letter or something. It isn’t right for someone to know that they have to drop everything and move by the news or text message or by other people. Doesn’t seem very classy to me. However it seems to me that you are loved wherever you go. The Giants fan base and its players really do respect you and I’m sure you’ll do well in Texas. The competition is pretty fierce and you’re going to be a great asset to the team no doubt about that! Don’t hurt us too bad 😉

    Welcome back to AL West 🙂

  14. giantsfanforever1


    from the Andrade fam: THANK YOU. You WILL be missed. AND thanks for being a GIANT!

  15. cheesey222

    Hey Bengie,

    You’re still gonna blog from Texas right? I love hearing from you. The bay area will sorely miss you. You were a great Giant.

    P.S. I feel sorry for you having to go to the AL. The NL is soo much cooler.

  16. agiantsfan4ever


    You were one of my favorite Giants, and you were a great Giant. You always play the game hard, and it was great being able to watch you everyday. I think the 2 Willie Mac awards that you won speak for themselves. I got to meet you at Spring Training a couple of years ago and you were awesome! You signed a couple of autographs for me, and stayed to talk for a few minutes even though it was after a game and most of the other players had already left.
    I was very excited when I heard that you re-signed during the offseason and I expected that we would get to watch you as a Giant for the whole season. I was shocked and upset when I heard that you were traded.
    Good luck in Texas, they have no idea what a great player, and person, they are getting!

  17. littlemaggie


    We were so sad to hear that you were leaving. Your performance behind the plate and thrilling at-bats have always been fun to watch and we’ll miss your warm personality. You are the consumate team player and I am sure that the clubhouse feels your absence. Buster is an exciting new player but he has big (Big Money!) shoes to fill!!!

    Best of luck to you and your family in Texas. We’ll miss you.

  18. giantsaddict

    Benji, you will always be a giants player. You have contributed so much to this team and it is greatly appreciated. Finding out you were going to texas was heartbreaking. It was such a good day and knowing we would lose you was a hard take. I wish you the best of luck in texas I will always be rooting for you along with my brother’s giants stuffed animal he named Benji. My family is rooting for you and I’m glad you got to be apart of the lives of the giants. We love you! Gracias por todo! lo agradecemos mucho!


    I was speechless and *very* upset when I heard. It’s still hard to think about. The only game I’ve been to in person, I went to the build-a-bear and got a bear with a uniform and little flag and when I got home I realized that he had your number. So you will always be a Giant in this house. (I hope to find him a little catchers outfit.)

    You will always be one of my favorites, you and Omar V. are *my* Forever Giants. We will miss you, and wish you all the best in Texas. Love you Big Money!! Thank you for all of it.

    Sam Ray

  20. debora34

    You will always be a giant in my heart and right arm. Remeber I’me the fan behind the pitcher mound. Barry and you was tossing the ball. Will you missed. Next two days it bruised but I will never forget your smile. I have the ball. Wanted to have you sign it. Maybe some day we will meet again, Take care and you will be missed. I/ll be cheering for you just like you are still in at Giant’s uniform. Take care you and your family..They come first…


    Hey Bengie, when I heard that you were traded, I was heartbroken. My mom and I are your biggest fans. Who ever is in charge of trading players, they are out of their minds; especially when trading a Boricua like you, (si, somos Boricuas tambien!!!!!!) You are the BEST Catcher in all major league baseball. My mom and I will always be praying for you and your family and she wishes that there was some way, somehow that you would come back to the SF Bay Area. We also felt a blow to our stomachs. It has been very hard for us to watch the Giants games on TV knowing that you are not there. It is a very empty feeling in our hearts. We wish you nothing but the very best and hearing that the Texas Rangers are in first place, we hope to see you in the World Series. You could make a big difference. A man like you will fit anywhere in any baseball team because you are a very wonderful and humble and loving person.
    Bengie Molina= GIGANTE PARA SIEMPRE!!!!!!!!!!! 01

  22. thankyoubengie1


    I made this account just to write this comment and I would just love to say THANK YOU. You are by far my favorite Giants catcher EVER and I mean that completely. You are not only extremely talented but you are an amazing person. I want to thank you for teaching me things through TV because I am a catcher myself but more importantly I would like to thank you for the presence you left the team with, especially Buster Posey and Eli Whiteside. Both have developed into fine young catchers and i’m sure most of that is a product of you. I wish you and your family the best in Texas, even though it’s just not right unless you are in orange and black. I know you said it feels like a shot to the stomach but i commend the dignity you left the team with and I thank you for turning down the extra money to play for the Giants in the first place instead of the Mets, whether you know it or not people realize that and we GREATLY appreciate it. I wish one day I can meet you and tell you this in person, have an amazing rest of your career however long or short that may be. Your a truly amazing person and I will never forget what you brought to the best team in baseball. The Rangers are lucky to have you.

    Thank you so much,

  23. shaival

    Hi Bengie,
    You know the difference between a player that you love to watch and a player that breaks your heart to see go? A player that you love to watch is for entertainment in the moment – Hit a couple of HRs, a few clutch hits, a walk off and a few wins. A guy that breaks your heart to see go is someone that makes you love and invest in the team and the sport regardless of whether the team is winning or losing. Someone that you don’t want to see go regardless of the “business” sense of it. Someone that creates a familiarity and affinity that connects us to our team. After the Barry Bonds era, you helped bring that back to the SF Giants organization, across its fan base and into the city. And for that, you will always be considered a Giant forever. You were like the father of the team over the past few years – you nurtured a young, talented staff, you came up big in clutch situations when all seemed lost and you kept the team’s head on straight during some tough years.

    For the first time in my life, I am now a fan of the Texas Rangers and hope to see you take this ride with them to the World Series. And one last thing … someday after your great playing days come to an end, you know that we all hope you will make it a point to come back as a Giants coach.

    Thanks for all the thrills!


    thanks bengie. its been awesome watching you play and having you on the team the last few years. good luck in texas and in life. you’ll always have many fans back in SF.

    – dan hobbs –

  25. ibleedblackandorange

    all I have to say Bengie is thanks for the great seasons you gave us, you carried us on your back for years and did great unfortunately we didn’t get you any help but watching you was a privilege and I’m honored to say I saw you play and no matter where you go to us you’ll always be a Giant I wish you the best Bengie thank you

  26. stills89

    Bengie my man,

    I’m going to be honest with you like you’ve been with us. I’ve been critical of you in the past; hell, I’m still critical of you and you’re not even with us anymore. But I think yourself and fans alike need to realize that criticism only comes to those who we expect more of, whose talents surpass what they are currently showing. Hitting, running, defense… we can debate that stuff for the rest of time for all anyone cares.

    What can’t be debated, though, is your influence on our pitching staff. They have amazing, raw talent. You reigned in that talent and made each one of them better pitchers, I’m sure. With your help, I can say my San Francisco Giants have one of the best pitching lineups in the world. Your service to them, and to a club that deserves all the criticism it gets for the classless lack of communication about your trade, will not be forgotten.

    Hope to see you in the World Series.

  27. crzblue2

    Dodger fan here Bengie.
    Is sad that way you had to find out that you got traded. I wish you the best in Texas.
    Es increible la cantidad de receptores que salen de Puerto Rico incluyendote a vos y a tus hermanos. Te deceo lo mejor a vos y a tu familia.


    Bengie, as a Giants fan for the last 30+ years, all I’ve ever asked is that a player leave it all on the field and did his very best. You are right at the top of that list. You’re absolutely a class act as a player and a person. The Willie Mac awards were no fluke. Thanks for everything. I’ll be watching the box scores and hope you continue to kick butt.


    Bengie, you are a gamer. I enjoyed watching you play for the Giants. I’ve enjoyed the personal stories, the insight into how your family works around baseball, or the stories that never make it into a recap. I hope you decide to blog again. The Rangers already made their trip here to KC this year, I hope to see you behind the dish next year.

  30. voxnut


    You were a great Giant- thanks for everything. I hope when the time comes to hang up the spikes, that you come back and associate yourself with the Giants. I know you played for other teams, but I will always think of you as a Giant, and I know plenty of others who feel the same.
    All the best to you and your family.

  31. seanfleminggiants

    As a 21 year old Giant fan, I’ve really only been around for two era’s in Giants baseball. I grew up watching Barry Bonds, and I’ve spent the last 3 years watching you. Of course the Giants were filled with All-Star players in Barry’s time, but he was the Giants, and likewise, you have been the heart and soul of this franchise since you came to the city. It’s been an honor watching you play since 2007. Big Money, you’re my all time favorite Giant. If the Giants and the Rangers meet in the World Series, while I’ll be rooting for the Giants, every time you step up to the plate I’ll be hoping you knock it out of the park. We love you Bengie!

  32. nikkiscatch

    Bengie im really going to miss you! Its too bad i never got to met you in person, but hopefully someday i somehow will. I know you were a huge part of the Giants especially to the pitching staff. Best of luck to your future! -Nikki

  33. dsix

    2007 was a really rough year. we were coming off two miserable seasons. the bonds era was more or less over and we were dealing with the aftermath by fielding less-than-adequate lineups. it seemed each year sabean was just signing aging free-agents to one-year contracts and it didn’t seem like the cycle would ever end.

    the changes going into that year were run-of-the-mill sigh-inducing. i was skeptical of bochy (padre). i was skeptical of dave roberts (padre AND d*dger). i pretty much just hated klesko (padre). and i didn’t care much for the angels catcher who played on the team that beat the giants in the 2002 world series.

    despite another losing season, there was finally a glimmer of hope in the young phenomenal pitching staff. thank you, bengie, for providing an anchor for the young rotation. it was the pitching that finally brought us a winning season again, and much of that is to your credit. thank you for playing so hard. and thank you for writing a blog about being a giant.

  34. lyndee

    Bengie, I had left a post when I first heard about the trade. I just wanted to let you know that I am very grateful to have had the honor of seeing you play with the Giants. You were and still are a great Giant, and you will be missed. Much happiness to you, Jamie & Jayda in your new adventure in Texas. Once again my husband and I will miss #1. Texas is very lucky to have you.


    Bengie, i am a 60 yr old fan from the northeast, left over from the mays/cepeda/mccovey/marichal era….and you are one of my favorite giants ever…all heart, all clutch, all team. godspeed.

    bennington, vt


    Bengie, i am a 60 yr old fan from the northeast, left over from the mays/cepeda/mccovey/marichal era….and you are one of my favorite giants ever…all heart, all clutch, all team. godspeed.

    bennington, vt


    Thank you for everything. You are and always will be a wonderful person. Thank you for being such a great Giant. Thank you for representing the team and fans so well. Thank you for being so upbeat and positive. I wish you all the best in your career. You are a wonderful player, and I am sad to see you go. Good Luck!


    Bye Bengie,
    Thank you for all your hard work behind the plate for our Giants! I am a catcher myself. I think it is the BEST and the hardest position on the field.
    Sorry, about the management of the Giants lack of judgment. You should have been the very first to be told. You have a lot of class, man.
    I know you will do GREAT with which ever team you play for.
    Stay on your toes! And take care of your knees!
    You are a Captain on and off the field! And a great blogger and spokesman too. You are a GIGANTE!! Come back and be a coach for our “Squatters”.
    Thank you very much,
    Bill Gilmour
    Rancho Cordova, CA


    Hi Bengie: The Rangers’ gain is the Giants’ loss. Only so-called fans with half a brain could think otherwise. Your experienced mentorship in working with the Giants’ young pitching staff, and fantastic signal-calling, is well known and should have been considered far more strongly than it was. I, like many other longtime Giants fans, will really, really miss seeing you behind the plate, for many reasons but certainly because you were the heart and soul of the team in so many ways. You’re a genuine class act, as so many others have said. I hope you will continue to blog as a Rangers player, and hope that you can return to the World Series again with them.

    PS: I took the Giants’ loss in the 2002 World Series really hard, so the fact that I became a big fan of yours says a lot!

  40. ihaftabowl

    Bengie: I have been a life-long Giants fan and to me you were a Wonderful Giant!!!! I (and my friends) are going to miss you. I want to wish you the best in your future – no matter who you play for or what you do. If you come back to San Francisco as either a player or in another roll, I will continue to cheer for you. Please take care.

  41. bornagaingiantsfan

    Sorry that I’m commenting so late, but I guess has made your trade more official by no longer providing a link from its Giants website (which is worse than when the Giants did their own). I hope your finding out about the trade after it hit the news was only because they got a rumor, *then* management told you. I hope you just change the colors and keep this blog going. May the Rangers and the Giants meet in the 2010 World Series, but you don’t need *another* World Series ring off the Giants, do you? 🙂

  42. tedcd

    Congratulations on the cycle, Bengie! And with Yadier’s 4 rbi, what a great night for the Molina brothers!



    You?ve been a real source of pride for us fans, helping us get through some rough years here in SF while also helping to build the future, with our fine pitching. I?ve also enjoyed your insights, shared here on your blog, as well as the view into your family life you?ve offered. Anyone who has read it can see that with you there has been little separation in your heart between your team and your family; as a fan, that?s what I think I?ve appreciated most. Thanks so much, and good fortune in Texas. Perhaps I?ll come over to Oakland and try to say ?Hi?.

    Thanks again, and nice going with that cycle! That kicks ***!


    Mr. Molina, you are a class act, through and through. Thank you for all the fantastic memories. But more than that, thank you for epitomizing grace, in victory and in loss, to all of your fans.

    I’d say good luck in Texas, but it looks like you’re going to be fine over there. Hitting for the cycle? and a grand slam?! How awesome is that?!!

    We miss you. Go with God.

  45. crazysfgiantsgirl

    Happy birthday Bengie! 🙂 I miss you already. When I read this post I got tears in my eyes. I’m really sorry you had to find out that you were traded that way, but I’m glad to hear that you received so much love from your Giants teammates (which was well-deserved)! And I’m so happy that you’re doing well in Texas! The Rangers are my second favorite team, so if you had to go somewhere I’m glad you went there. Congratulations on your grand slam, cycle, and on being named American League Player of the Week! 🙂


    Bengie – you are the one of the reasons why I became a Giants fan. Thank you for all your hard work and the effort you put into playing for your team and for your fans. I wish you all the best for you and your family.


    Dear Bengie,
    I miss you so much! You were such a great Giant! Congrats on hitting for the cycle–& a grand slam to boot! That’s so awesome! Take care, get better soon, & good luck to you in the play-offs!


    Bengie – I know it was a shock to be traded to Texas but we’re glad you are here. I hope you are getting settled and the clubhouse is treating you well. Watching you in Boston get a GS and hit the cycle was just AWESOME! I can’t imagine the adjustment you’ve made to uproot your family and ties to SF. Welcome to Texas – we need you and value your contribution to the Rangers.


    You’ve been my favorite Giant for several years and our family will miss you.

    Glad to see you’re keeping the blog – I can check in from time to time.

    Wishing you all the best and success in your transition. No one deserves it more.


    Its disappointing that you’ve been traded because with you on the Giants I think we would have an even better season because you affect the outcome of the Giants pitchers for example Lincecum is starting to struggle ever since you’ve left the team and when you were catching him 2008 and 2009 he won back to back CY YOUNG awards and I KNOW you had a lot to do with it. Do you think you could post a blog talking about how you get your throwing strength because you are one of the best at throwing out runners.



    Giants fan, just watched the intros to game 1 of the world series on DVR as I had to work late at the hospital. I have to say, I am SO happy the fans gave you the appropriate ovation at the announcements of the players. You were an excellent Giant and are an excellent Ranger- any team that has you is privileged. I miss you as a Giant, and I think your influence on the staff of the Giants will last for a long long time. While I hope the ring you get is a Giant’s ring, I won’t begrudge you a Ranger’s ring either. You have earned both, and deserve it, without you the G-men wouldn’t be what they are today.

    Best to you, your wife, and your family,


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