ESPNs cheap shot

 When I was growing up, respect was the most important thing to my father. That’s what he talked about every day to me, Jose and Yadier. You play the game with respect, yes — but it’s not only about the game. You respect your parents and your teachers and your fellow human beings. 
That’s why ESPN’s sarcastic depiction of me running in slow motion down third base and getting thrown out at home in the Marlins’ game was hard to take. I appreciated Henry Schulman’s blog entry about it.
Until recently, I had thought of ESPN as a network run by professionals who know sports. I thought the people at ESPN, because they focus only on sports, actually understood the game and what pro athletes do to reach the highest level of their sport.
In that Marlins game, which we won, Nate Schierholtz went three-for-three with his first home run of the season. Matt Cain pitched six innings of no-hit ball. And the one highlight ESPN shows of that game is me getting thrown out at home? And they’re doing it just for laughs?
Look, you can say I’m the slowest guy in baseball or in  all of sports or in the entire world. I don’t take issue with that because I AM the slowest guy. I have always been the slowest guy. I can’t challenge that criticism. But ESPN’s intention was not to criticize but to humiliate.
I take what I do very seriously, which is why – despite my obvious lack of speed – I have managed to play in the major leagues for 11 seasons. I play hard. I play hurt. I respect the game, my teammates, the press, the fans. That’s how I was raised. It was the No. 1 thing. 
I know I’m a public figure and I just have to take my lumps. But I would like those people at ESPN who, from a safe distance, make fun of players for a cheap laugh, to remember that players are actual people. With wives and mothers and fathers and children and brothers and sisters. My mother saw the clip. She doesn’t speak English so she asked Yadier’s wife what the announcer was saying. Yadier’s wife didn’t want to tell her. My mom was pretty upset. She didn’t understand why they were making fun of my running when there are so many other things I do every day to help the team win. I told her I didn’t understand it, either.
All I can do is play the way I always have – with respect and professionalism. It’s shame that ESPN, a once great network, won’t have any idea what I’m talking about. 


  1. ilikethegiantsmucho

    You tell them Bengie. It’s stuff like this that has turned me from an avid espn fan to a disgruntled former fan

  2. gatorfanchomp

    Much respect Bengie. You and I are much alike, aside from you playing in the majors which was my life time goal, I was as well a catcher for many many years and know what it’s like to be the slowest one on the field. Once again, Much respect

  3. steveo138

    ESPN might not respect anyone, but Giants fans do. Thanks for everything you do Bengie. You’re a great Giant and an awesome player. Keep holdin it down behind the dish


    WE LOVE YOU BENGIE!! You may not be the fastest runner but you have made that not matter in such a long and great career so far. You produce hits and RBI’s for this team on such a consistent basis, call/catch incredible pitchers and games, and make fantastic defensive plays night after night. Giants fans can always count on you to deliver when we need it most reaching out of the strike zone for those low outside pitches and turning them into doubles or home runs or just simply taking the walk. You put your heart and soul into this game and for ESPN to put you on display like that is revolting. We will cheer for you and love you no matter how slow you get around the bases because you are a GAMER period.

  5. bafaabojangles8

    Let em’ have it Bengie. I couldn’t agree any more about ESPN. As an avid baseball fan, I used to be obsessed with ESPN and, more specifically, Baseball Tonight. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to realize how biased and watered down their coverage is for not only Giants baseball, but all sports. The once proud station they once were is gone and in the past… Thank god we have MLB Network 🙂

  6. sf33giants

    Bengie your off the hook and i was pissed the day i saw them make fun of you for how slow you run. I find it funny becuase when ever the giants are doing well we will never see espn show the talent all they do is talk down about the giants just as they did by making fun of you. and your right that game Schierholtz had an amazing game and so did other giants in that series. but i guess since we our way out here in cali they dont care. anyways Bengie you rock and i am happy that you are back behind the plate calling the games in black and orange!!!!! GO GIANTS!!!


    Shame on you ESPN and any other Sports Networks that think making jokes about the players for a laugh, is fun and it won’t hurt anyone, as you found out it not only hurt Bengie Molina, but it also hurt his family, especially his Mom! How would like it if someone directly attack you the way you attacked Bengie Molina, and it got back to your Mom, and it hurt her deeply? Understand this, no matter how old you get your Mom is not only your biggest fan, she is your greatest defender, and there are alot of Giants Fans that are Moms! So, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, and act professionally, afterall you are at work not at home!


    Every night when I sit down to catch the highlights on ESPN for the day’s Giants game, it is always the same, point out one highlight from the game and move on to New York or Boston. ESPN has no respect of the West Coast unless you are based in LA. It is truly a shame that this Giants team does not get any serious attention from ESPN. The pitching is phenomenal, we have one of the best pitch callers behind the plate, and a group of exciting youngsters and veterans in the field. Keep playing hard and play GIANTS BASEBALL! GO GIANTS!


    Bengie, ESPN has a well documented east coast bias (Except for the Lakers, of course). Being a Raider fan, I know all about how they try to humiliate teams they have an agenda against. People seem to forget that ESPN is just one voice, and they do not speak for all of sports. They perpetuate rumors and report false stories every day. I try to avoid the network as often as possible, since the way they treat the Raiders (and now you) is infuriating.

    Before anyone says anything…yes I am a Raiders/Giants fan. Long story.

  10. jjslick

    I guess it’s just going to take a successful Giants season for them to take us seriously. Even with the best pitching in baseball, ESPN still thinks we’re about a fourth place team. Bengie Molina is one of the main reasons we have such a great pitching staff and good pitching always beats good hitting. We have already had our share of injuries and yet we’re right there. Bengie is and will continue to be a huge part of our success ~ such a great signing in the off-season. ESPN News & Sportscenter don’t really do sports, just clever enterainment with quips & jokes ABOUT sports.

  11. joneill

    Hey Bengie! What do you do when you can’t make it in the world of profesional sports? You sit behind a desk and talk about people who can. Anchors on sportscenter are “journalists”, not athletes. Keep playing your game, you’re on this team for a reason! Go beat those pesky Padres tonight!

  12. boogeydown

    This is exactly why I don’t watch ESPN for baseball coverage, the MLB Network is far more professional, with real baseball players and experts (who know the game and what it takes) talking about baseball. Bengie is among the premier baseball backstops, great hitter, incredible fielder, and currently commanding the best pitching staff in the majors, but apparently the so-called “experts” at ESPN don’t get that.

    Go Bengie! Go Giants!


    Bengie, I completely agree. You got to second on a well hit double anyway! ESPN doesn’t have their stuff right anymore. My TV’s going off if SC comes on again.

    Can’t wait to see you and the team take one from the friars!

  14. annaca

    you may be a slow runner, Bengie, but i think you’re a really talented and skilled baseball player and one of the kindest also. it’s sad that ESPN has to show material to get a laugh instead of showing how good some players are. you’re the best! Cuidate!

  15. yankeesgiants

    Pssshhhh! Them broadcasters did what? All Giants fans should gather together and beat them to a pulp. I personally think you are awesome, I practically started crying when I heard you werent going to be resigned. WE LOVE YOU BENGIE! Dont forget that, good luck this season, remember we are all here for you!


    ESPN is the slow one. In their constant quest to portray bay area ball as a joke, I’m sure that was the best they could do. No worries though, guy, you’re an amazing ball player, a thrill to watch and shouldn’t have to put up with any bull from these bandwagoners.


    Bengie, you are a class act and true San Francisco Giant. We love you and appreciate the good work you’ve done here.


    keep your head up, bengie. just know that you have to full support of giants fans like myself and those like me across the united states and not only in the bay area. shame on espn.

  19. victor_frankenstein

    Bengie, you’ve got heart.

    And Buster Posey’s job.

    And a thin skin, which you seem wont to display through the media about once a month.

    [i]”Never let ’em see you sweat.”[/i]
    Or hear you whine.

  20. jett211

    This is not the first time and most likely will not be the last time ESPN will do this type of stuff. What may come off as distasteful for some may be comedy for others. I really feel the main reason behind it like you said is to get cheap laugh from their audience, but don’t worry about it. Most of us baseball fans know better. Like somebody mentioned before ESPN is just one voice, let them say what they want in order for them to satisfy their viewers. Bengie your a good guy, its a shame this had to happen to you.

  21. zimfroi

    I used to watch and love ESPN. The truth is, they are the ones who have become a joke. I love watching you catch the rotation, and I was super happy when you re-signed. Keep doing what you are doing, Bengie. The fans love you.

  22. boycotaz

    I love You Benji!
    You are now required reading for my high school ballplayer son. In his short sweet life he has learned more about respect for the game, his coaches, his teammates and his opponents than I see displayed by the ESPN crew who are 2-3-4 times his age. I’m no athlete, but I love and respect the game and have tried to share that with my athlete son, not always successfully.
    A lot of days, I can’t come near the power of your influence so know that your message has been gratefully and clearly received, just as my freshman ballplayer is called-up to varsity to catch for the championship season. Like always, your timing couldn’t be better Benji!


    You have something that ESPN will never have… CLASS.

    Thanks for being a great Giant, Benji!
    You uphold the McCovey tradition!


    I know what ya mean about being raised that way, I was/am too. What ESPN did was stupid and tasteless. I never watched them, and now I never will. They always just make fun of people.

    Bengie, you’re not just an amazing player, you’re an amazing person as well who deserves more recognition than your speed.

  25. rlarock

    They’re just haters! Mad at the fact that you were able to elevate your game to the next level and they never could. Even if you are the slowest player in baseball, who cares? You can catch and hit like nobodys business and are a huge part of why the Giants are contenders right now. ESPN never has anything good to say about the Giants and it is a shame that that is the one highlight they show from that game. These guys have no idea what it is like to be out there on the field and they never will! Keep your head up Bengie and Go Giants!!!


    Screw ’em, Bengie. Most of those guys at ESPN are probably faster than you, yes….how far did they get in pro ball, though? I can’t remember.

    Never forget, most guys in the stands would die extremely happy men if they had the opportunity to wear a major-league uniform for just one day.

    You’re a major leaguer, you’ve got a World Series ring (although I wish you would’ve won it in some year other than 2002), your brothers followed you into pro ball, you have the respect of your peers and fans, and it seems like you have a great family. Tell your mom those guys weren’t raised the right way, so fill their time with empty laughter.

  27. sfannsdoland

    Bengie, Thanks for the honesty and insight. I’ll be following your blog from now on, it’s a whole other side of the game and baseball experience than I’ve ever seen.
    As far as ESPN guys, let’s see them throw on a mask, chest protector, and the rest of the gear, and see how they like handling a Lincecum fastball, Zito curve, and take a few foul tips off the fingers and mask.
    You guys are having a great season, lots of fun to follow (except these d*mn Padre games!). You all as a team have bee in every game, till the final out, cause you’re handling a premier pitching staff. You, as their catcher, must be doing something very RIGHT for these results!
    Plus, batting .343(!)= ALL*STAR to me!
    LET’S GO GIANTS FANS, VOTE B.MOLINA FOR THE ALL*STAR GAME! Plus Pablo, Rowand, Nate S., even write-in Juan Uribe, 2nd base.

  28. sfannsdoland

    It’s nice to hear your perspective about this year’s Giants team chemistry, compared to the 2002 Angels. SFans know all to well what that team was able to do. We’ve got the horses, pitching into the 7th or 8th inning almost every game, a true closer, for the first time since Nen, and we’re hitting a lot better, up and down the order…4-5 guys hitting near .300 or better.
    Yeah, Timmy, Cain and the boys are young enough to believe they could take it all…THIS YEAR…kinda like Joe Montana was in 1981-82. Learn to manufacture a key run or two in close games, and this team will play deep into OCTOBER.

  29. gohlkusmaximus

    I agree: ESPN went too far.

    It was nothing but a cheap shot for them to make fun of you rather than report on what actually happened during the game.

    I suppose ESPN is trying to differentiate their MLB coverage from that of MLB Network. Since ESPN is not going to beat the MLB Network in access, completeness, or the amount of time they spend covering baseball, I guess they’re going to resort to making their coverage of baseball a total joke.

    That’s fine with me; I don’t need to watch ESPN.


    You are my hero Bengie. Not one more moment will I watch or read ESPN. What a bunch of losers!!


    You are my hero Bengie. I will not watch or read anything from ESPN from now one. They are the losers…………I am so glad you are back with us this year!! You make the Giants tick……

  32. battin420

    Hey Bengie,

    One thing you do have is the respect and admiration of Giants fans everywhere. You have been an outstanding Giant, and passionate fans of the team appreciate that maybe even more than you know. When future discussions of the greatest catchers in San Francisco Giants history arise, your name will always come up. You play the toughest position on the field and you do so with excellence and class.

    As for ESPN, it is but a shell of what was once a great dedicated sports network. They’ve devolved into nothing more than the NY Yankees Broadcasting Network, and have lost nearly all respect in mine and many other fans eyes. You are right about the highlights from that game. None of the real high points of the game were shown, and Giants fans noticed. We always notice. Unfortunately, this is more the norm than not. If I can’t watch the game, I now get all my highlights from the MLB site, where I can watch the real plays that made a difference in the games.

    Keep up the good work and know that you have the full support of all Giants fans. GO GIANTS!

    Take care,

    John B.

  33. mikeblank

    It was a cheap shot. You deserve better than that. But don’t let it get you down. You’re loved by your fans and an invaluable asset to you team. ESPN is just trying to make good TV for their demographics, which do not include Giants fans. We’ll see who’s laughing in October.


    Nicely said Big MO! Personally, I really can’t watch SportCenter these days. ESPN seems to forget that the show is about broadcasting highlights, not featuring their craptasitc on-air personalities. ESPN has been on a fast decent into the garbage can for quite some time now.

    Big MO, don’t even pay attention to those clowns because Giants fans love you.


    I wish they’d show more Giants highlights too. I did see the humor in it, at least the attempt was there. But you cannot deny that you have not attempted to stay fit, I am a huge Giants fan, and see you as the best DH in the National League, but your running and defense are lacking.

    Stay fit, stay healthy and win the pennant.

  36. bornagaingiantsfan

    Maybe we can hang a banner over the ESPN store in Downtown Disney “Even Angels Fans Shouldn’t Shop Here”… 🙂

    Unfortunately, off topic, but the Giants website is working poorly today. A friend tried to retrieve relayed tickets for today’s game and was unable to finish the process. I’ve put a call into the Giants ticket office, but I doubt at this point that I’ll get a call back. They also couldn’t find the Giants phone number on the overly business main page. Bleach! 😦

  37. brantley1

    Awwww…poor baby, making $4.5 million dollars this year. How about you quit and go get a job that has complete anonymity, if you don’t want to do that then everything is fair game……highlights and low-lights.

  38. edglynnhotdogs

    Schierholtz homered? When’s the parade? Uribe still batting cleanup? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


    Sorry for the idiots that criticised you in the comments. And for the ESPN same on them. They are there because they have outlived their days of playing, Meaning they are to old.
    Thanks for you article on respect and what was taught to you. You are a class act. We are from St. Louie and have followed your brother, Yadier for years. Your parents must have done something right.
    Apologize to your Mom for those of us who care. Tell her not everyone is stupid and disrepectful. And for the idiot who said get a job. He is just jealous of your money
    Keep up your good work.

  40. landerelmarmot


    I’m a Rockies fan, and I think that you are completely justified in being offended by that piece. You are completely right about ESPN growing increasingly unprofessional. Baseball Tonight should be re-named Yankees & Red Sox Tonight, and the Wednesday and Sunday night baseball telecasts are almost unwatchable.

    Slow or not, you’ve been a monumental pain in my a** for a long time, which means that you’re doing job very well.

  41. denniscrumble

    Someone call the wahambulance.

    You fit in well with Giant fans, the fan base that will cheer Bonds but boo Manny. Hypocrisy and Giant fans, fast friends.


    Bengie you have got to be kidding me here. The fact that you’re even responding to this at all is kind of sad, but then you come out upset by it? I dunno if this is a news flash to you, but there is one aspect of playing baseball that you have not reached the highest level of and that is running bases. It is well documented that you are A SLOW BASERUNNER. That piece was funny. It was funny as hell. And if you can’t take some teasing I’m not sure why you feel you can spout off some tough guy blog about how you’ve won a ring and respect is so important and you’re such a big tough guy for being a catcher in the majors. So tough you can’t take it when someone jokes about how slow you are. Which you are… Get over yourself.

    Also, everyone who thinks this is ESPN maliciously attacking a player because he plays on the west coast is absolutely insane. Yes they have a clear bias to the New England area, but to assume they’re trying to purposely poke fun at someone specifically because they play on the west coast is insane. ESPN doesn’t put forth that kind of effort. If Bengie played for Boston I have no doubt they’d still have done the Chariots of Fire bit. Which, BY THE WAY, was ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS.


    Yo Bengie,
    You’re a good guy and a good ballplayer and I agree that you and the giants deserve far better than to be the butt of espn’s jokes. After reading this i am even happier that you are on a bunch of my fantasy squads.

  44. nomobonds

    I haven’t watched ESPN since the MLB Network first aired. After reading this post it makes me think I’m not missing anything.


    BIG MONEY!!! espn are obviously dodger fans. You do enough with your bat and squating behind the plate all game. All those 9th inning homeruns to win the game. Your quick to block a hard slider in the dirt to save a run. I RESPECT That! Keep the GREAT WORK up!! and GET US A RING THIS YEAR Big Money Molina!!!!


    hi bengie-that is what i love about you-your respect for everyone. i was raised to respect my parents and everyone in my life as well as everyone around me. i do not like what espn did-it was awful. you deserve a lot more praise than you are getting. do you have a nickname? pablo has one, now they need to give you one, so we can buy hats and shirts, etc. i have not seen a giants game in many years, but i am hoping to this summer with my daughters and grandson(who is an avid giants fan) i am praying that the giants resign you-you have many good years ahead of you-you are the greatest giant of all. i love all of your articles-keep them coming, and don’t let the stupid critics get to you. we all love you bengie.


    Even if a MLB player is making the league minimum, they’re still making 6X what the fans coming to see them. Your job is to play a child’s game. Try getting in shape why don’t you. Take the six months off every year and lose 25lbs. There is no excuse for an overweight ball player. Yeah, maybe he can hit a few homeruns or throw 100 mph. But I personally would rather you get your fat *** out of way for athletes who take there profession serious. Getting paid to hit a ball is a gift. This isn’t a beer league softball game. Have respect for the gift. Have respect for the game. Have respect for the fans that make it possible for you.


    Hey Bengie,
    Toronto fan here, saw an article about this in the local Toronto newpaper. I’m a huge fan of yours ever since you played for Toronto. Bengie, you’re a class act and a consummate professional. What you lack in speed you make up in heart. I remember that one game for the Jays, you hit for a triple. I remember the team laughing and jumping out of their seats as you were chugging around second. Those were proud laughs though, proud of how much hustle you showed. That game, you won over a lot of fans.

    Keep being the class act that you are, Bengie.


    Benji Molina is a class act and still one of the better catchers in MLB … I didn’t like that ESPN went so far to on a blooper clip …show that he is slow that’s fine no big deal but to put the chariots of fire theme and all of that was way too much and yes insensitive to Benji and his fans … I am not Giants fan but I am a fan of Benji Molina who has always played the game hard and the right away , has always shown class with the media and fans …ESPN should show what a gold glove caliber catcher Benji is and a pretty good hitter as well and not just what a slow runner he is …..



    I have seen you work hard for hours on what you love to do and also be at you childrens games and support our community and you have a wonderful family. These ESPN guys are nothing….Compared to you(Shame on Them).Remember it is because of people like you is why they have a job.These inconsiderate Ba!@#DS…. they feed their families with money that comes from your hard work and have the cahones to disrespect you and your family?

    There is no ESPN without the players who sweat for the game. I say lets take them out there and throw a 98 mph hardball at the them and see who swings like a lady in a skirt and video it and show the world how much of a bad *** ESPN can’t hit a ball and laugh at them.

    Gold Glove (AL): 2002-03
    World Series champion (2002)
    2x Willie Mac Award Winner
    oops maybe they forgot about this?
    because we KNOW the ESPN doesn’t have what you got.

    you got our support and love from my family to yours




    Benji Molina, I am not a fan, but even you deserve respect.
    Respect is a thing of the past. Screw ESPN, or at least
    the one who is responsible.
    Hold your head up and play ball.

  52. ddeee

    Benji, here’s some support from St Louis. We all know ESPN is worthless, don’t even pay attention to it. Yadi is also not the speeding bullet but just like you, the strengths he brings to the team far outweigh the lack of speed. Go Molina brothers! Go Cardinals!

  53. lisakaz2

    Mr. Molina,

    Although I’m sure defenders of ESPN are right about the need for a sense of humor over your foot speed, I agree much more so with you. Not showing any other highlights was wrong (how did your team do anyhow, right?) and adding music hinting at slo-mo crossed a line. I’m not surprised they’d show bad taste in order to “compete” with MLBN.

    ( — and yes, enjoyed your brother’s work; he’d still be on the team if Francisco Cervelli hadn’t shown last yr that he could do the job)

  54. kozmo

    Good for you, Bengie. ESPN has become a hack, hackneyed outlet, with many wannabe and ex-jocks taking pot shots at actual, hard-working athletes. That you took the high road toward their sideswipe was even more impressive. I probably would not have been so gracious had I been subjected to such treatment.

    You have my full respect.

    Jason from The Heartland

  55. halfpast3

    Thx for all the hard work Bengie, I dont watch espn, I watch MLB network, NFL network. Complete west coast bias.


    Dude. You are playing in the Big League. You are an elite athlete. Enjoy it while you’re there, and hopefully you will have many happy memories when you are older.

    Don’t let those ESPN guys drag you down. Let’s all show a touch of class, even though they are losers.

    Seems obvious from the comments/news stories that most of the public agrees with you.

  57. george

    Bengie you are the man. Don’t worry about it. What they say is no concern of mine. I know that you are a super human being and a super player. You play the game the way its supposed to be played and i enjoy watching you play.I was glad when you returned to the Giants even if its for just one more year.Thanks for being a great giant and i hope you retire as a Giant. Good luck the rest of the season, and go GIGANTES.


    Don’t let them get you down,Bengie…ESPN is full of a lot of those sarcastic announcers that think they are funny…Neil Everett needs to be given a swift kick in the ***,lol…I’m just glad that you’re still on the team and having another good season…


    Si antes te admiraba y respetaba como jugador, ahora lo hago más por la calidad extrordinaria de ser humano que has demostrado ser ante este desgraciado incidente.
    Crecí muy ligado al beisbol por mi padre, que siempre me enseñó que a este deporte hay que tenerle mucho amor para así respetarlo. Por consiguiente, así respetas a los compañeros jugadores, árbitros, etc. y a la fanaticada, que a veces puede ser muy cruel.
    Leí tu respuesta a ESPN. Tremenda lección que has dado. Me hizo sentir bien orgulloso del pelotero puertorriqueño.
    Desgraciadamente, en ESPN, al igual que en muchas otras organizaciones en EU, existe a veces un grupo de personas que tienen un precio y hacen cualquier cosa por dinero y por tener notoriedad. Que estúpidos son. Sí, porque eso es lo que son, escoria humana.

    Usted siga haciendo su trabajo. Te admiro y te respeto, y GRACIAS por seguir poniendo el nombre de Puerto Rico en alto.
    Un abrazo,
    Enrique Zorrilla


    Hermano, mejor no lo pudo haber dicho. Como puertorriqueños esos son los valores que tenemos todos y los llevamos a donde vamos siempre. Ustedes (los tres) han traido glorias al pueblo de Puerto Rico y siempre se les agradece eso de todo corazon. Lo que esos “wannabes” hicieron nunca va a empañar las imagenes que tenemos todos de ti. Sigue pa’lante con la cabeza en alto que mientras usted esta juagando a un alto nivel todavia ellos, en el fondo, solo quizieran otra oprtunidad para estar ahi donde tu estas.

    Gracias y que Dios los bendiga a todos.

    Edwin Ortiz –
    Bayamon, PR

  61. zitosux75

    F— ESPN. I can’t stand that network. I actually stopped tuning into them several years ago. They don’t report sports anymore; what they do is entertainment-based, which I guess is okay since the E in ESPN is short for ENTERTAINMENT. But the S is short for SPORTS, so they should be reporting that, too — that’s reporting, not shouting at each other, not saying clever home run calls, and certainly not making fun of anybody. I agree with Henry Shulman when he said that ESPN would not dare do that to Jason Varitek (of the Boston Red Sox) or Jorge Posada (of the New York Yankess). ESPN = BSPN in my book.


    Hello Bengie!!! I really liked what you wrote about respect. Now a days, a lot of people don’t have respect for one another. Its very sad. My mom and I are die hard Giants fans and we enjoy seeing you play on the field all the time. Those guys on ESPN shouldn’t be working there if they are going to be talking bad about you or any other MLB player. I’ve never really watched ESPN for baseball updates and now I have a very good excuse not to. I don’t like people talking bad about you or any Giants players. Sometimes, they do make mistakes but we are all human, it happens!! I wish you the best of luck this season as well for your brothers Jose and Yadier. Go GIGANTES!!!!!

  63. margie38w

    It was a cheap shot, Bengie. I was so disgusted with it, as was my family. I have no respect for ESPN. They don’t call it Eastern Sports Programming Network for nothing.
    You are a class act. Your words and actions exemplify respect and professionalism. Not to mention you are a very talented player. We, your faithful fans, applaud everything you contribute to the team and the game, and are so proud of you. Olvidatelo – ESPN. Gracias por todo que haces Bengie. Estas super bueno y tienes un corazon de oro. Dios te bendiga.
    Go Big Money and Go Giants!!

  64. cnmt


    I wouldn’t let those idiots at ESPN upset you. Like someone else said here, if one can’t play – one is a commentator! ESPN does a lousy job with NASCAR also…I hate it when they are broadcasting the races….give me the SPEED crew any day of the week – at least some of them have participated in the sport successfully before they retired and became broadcasters.

    Look forward to seeing you in Atlanta in August. Plan to be at all 4 games….Mary and I both making the trip this year! YEAH!. You just keep playing the way you always do…that is what got you into the majors in the first place and has kept you there so long. You might not be fast, but you call one heck of a good game behind the plate, play great defense, and get the clutch hits when needed. And I bet you could even take over for those guys at ESPN and do a better job than they do!

    See you in August….Donna (from North Carolina)

  65. romansfavoriteson

    I’m a Giants fan from Ohio, and my girlfriend and I were at the game last August against Ariz. Bengie hit the three run pinch hit dinger in the eighth that night. Bengie, you are the man, and you made my first trip to ATT memorable. Thank you. Run as slow as you like.

  66. itsradman

    hello bengie juss wanna say keep ur head up and enjoy the game ur getting hot nice pop up on the bunt a few nites ago u threw it to kung fu on first and the other nite you hit a stand up double that was nice keep it goin talk to our boys your a world series champ compete with each other find a way to win GET EM BIG MONEY VAMOS

  67. thegiantscafe

    Benjie, It wasn’t a cheap shot. It was a humorous way of saying your not just slow, but you’re 36 years old, 2 for your last 47 at bats and standing in the way of a future hall of famer. You’ve openly admitted that you will not be a team player by refusing to help the younger talent and you expect the press to treat you with respect? How about checking your ego in the locker room and try to remember what it was like when you were Buster Posey’s age. Most of baseball felt Posey won the catching job out of Camp. But Sabiean has 4.5 million reasons to keep you around.

    If you want to earn that money; why don’t you lose weight, work on your sprints, and put in extra time in the cage. If not, why not let the 23 year old start his career. He should be catching every day in AAA but was called up because YOU can’t hit.

    Before you whine about ESPN, take a look in the mirror. Preferrably a full length one.


    It was WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! ESPN should fire them!!!!!!!
    It is easy to criticize, when you are sitting in an air conditioned office (or home, like Mr. thegiantscafe {above}).
    The position takes a lot out of a player. OVER HALF of the game the player is in a squatting position. With pitching warn-ups before the game and in between innings included.Then, be expected to do great on offense too.
    Yeah, Mr. thegiantscafe {above} I am talking about you.
    ———Now, that Bengie has been traded. ———-
    Bengie has something that Eli and Buster do NOT have. And I know you know what that is, EXPERIENCE!!!! Well, now they will get it without his help. I know they both respected Bengie enough to know they that now they loss a BIG benefit with his leaving.
    A BIG LOSS to all true Giants fans and players. He will be missed.
    Bengie, Good luck and Thank you!
    Bill Gilmour
    (Lifetime San Francisco Giants fan)


    That is probably the worst thing to laugh about at a player. You can’t control how fast you are and such. You can your stats, your swing, but you cant change how fast you run. That is extremely unfair because you cant control how fast you go. Don’t worry, we (fans) got your back. 🙂
    (a lifetime Molina fan)

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