Spring. Finally.

I know I’m two weeks late in posting my first spring entry. I’m trying something new. I’ll still write, but I’ll also be posting video with the blog. The reason this is late is that I’m still figuring out, with my collaborator, Joan Ryan, how to transfer the video from a digital Panasonic to the IBook computer, convert the video to the right format, edit it on I Movie and send it to the Giants’ website folks. 
So when you watch this video, keep in mind it was shot last Tuesday, on the day position players reported. At that time, I hadn’t really met some of the new guys, like Aubrey Huff or Mark DeRosa. 
It’s been great seeing my teammates from last year, especially the young guys like Pablo Sandoval. They bring so much energy to the clubhouse and they make you remember what it was like in the early days, when everything – from the custom uniforms to a real-life cook in the dining room making eggs for you first thing in the morning – seemed like you had died and gone to heaven. I still feel that way most days, but it’s good to be reminded. 
Jamie, Jayda and I are in the same house in Scottsdale that we have rented for the last few years. It’s where Jamie and I had our wedding last February 14. We had just a few people at the outdoor ceremony  – no one from Puerto Rico was able to come – but it was a perfect day. Now, a year later, that house is filled with the babbling and laughter of Jayda, who is truly the happiest baby on earth. Jamie had surgery on her wrist, which then became infected, so we have my cousin, Jennifer, from Brooklyn staying with us until Jamie can lift the baby again. It’s killing Jamie to have to be so careful with her arm, but she’s already had too many setbacks with it to take any more risks with the healing process.
Hope you like the video. Don’t expect too much. We’re still experimenting. But please let me know what you think. And give me your ideas on what you’d like me to talk about on the video. Maybe we can pull some teammates into the next one . . . 
Thanks for reading!


  1. a_sharp_pierini@hotmail.com

    Much luv for you Benjie! and I’m super happy that you’re with us this year. When I heard of the possibility of you not returning to us, I was lost for words, but I definitely celebrated when I heard the good news! Can’t wait to see you in action this year!

  2. takimoto@berkeley.edu

    Nice job, Beng! I like the addition of video. Maybe one of your next projects can be doing a “day at spring training” video to show everyone what a typical day is like from your perspective. Have a great spring training and an outstanding season!

  3. jonrasty

    Happy to have you back Bengie, I was really excited to hear that we were able to resign you for one more year! The fans have really high hopes for the Giants this year, we’ve gone too long without a playoff run…but have a great Spring and we’ll see you at the park

  4. truegrich

    Bengie, You need to get a Flip Video – it makes transferring videos to the web a piece of cake. Check out some Flip video interviews I did on my blog: True Grich of some players from your old team the Angels!

  5. gamefish

    Welcome back Benji! Just got my season tickets and we are looking forward to sitting in Section 125 and watching you handle those arms.

  6. ernietrinidad@sbcglobal.net

    Hola Bengie, Great to know you are back. Congrats on your baby girl Jayhda,hopefully we will see her at the Park.Handle those pitchers like last year and Giants will be real successfull.I know you will take the young catcher under your wings and make him great. Gracias por todo.

  7. ooribe

    Very happy you’re back with us, Benjie.

    Maybe a video about all the superstitious things players do before a game. I’d also love to see which pitcher would dominate an arm wrestling competition with the other hurlers.

  8. azgiantsfan

    Bengie- It was great to see you on Saturday catching the game, and I was happy to hear you got a nice cheer from the fans.

    Your family is beautiful and its sweet of you to share them with us.

  9. 22gigantes

    Hi Bengie,

    Glad to have you back. Those of us who are true Giants fans really do appreciate you. If you want to read a blog that is dedicated to Giants fans who actually love their Giants, please visit 22gigantes (click here).

    If you want to go to a blog that claim to be Giants fans — but are actually haters — then visit McCovey Chronicles. Those guys are always talking so much trash about you and Sabean and Bochy.

    Anyway, have a great season Bengie! Much love!


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