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I’m not in the game again today because of a tight quad, so I have a few minutes to post a blog.

         I don’t listen to the talk shows so I personally haven’t heard the comments about our tough loss to the Rockies Monday. But I’m told people were dumping on everyone from the players to the manager. Some apparently were saying our season was over.

         Granted, it was a heart breaker. When the home-run ball was sailing over the wall, I just sat in the dugout with my head in my hands. Just minutes earlier, when Eugenio hit the triple, I was thinking, “This is our game.” Then suddenly it was over. We lost. I couldn’t believe it. I was thinking, “Is this really happening?”

         But I have to tell you, nobody was thinking, “Oh, this guy lost the game for us, or that guy didn’t do his job.” Merkin Valdez was put in a very, very tough position. When he came in, the damage had been done. The bases were loaded. He went right after the hitter. That’s what he had to do. Go with his best stuff. Go after him and hope for a double play. It was a good pitch. I don’t think he could have done anything different.

The thing about that game – which maybe some fans lost sight of — is that every single guy battled his butt off. Every guy left everything he had on that field. Nobody gave up. They showed so much fight.

         In the clubhouse afterward, on the bus to the airport and on the plane ride home, there wasn’t a sound from anybody. We felt crushed and exhausted. When we walked down the steps of the plane onto the tarmac in San Francisco – at around 3 a.m. — Bochy was standing there at the bottom, greeting every guy, telling us we battled our butts off and that there was no batting practice tomorrow and to get some rest.

         I’m not sure how Bochy comes across through the media, but I’ve played for a lot of different managers, and I feel so lucky to have a manager of the caliber and strength of Bruce Bochy. People don’t understand what a great job he’s done with this team. Maybe you can’t really appreciate how good he is unless you’re on the inside watching what he does. He’s been awesome. That game on Sunday against Colorado, Bochy and our bench coach, Ron Wotus, did an amazing job. They’re always on the same page, figuring everything out, what moves to make, which arms are fresh. They have to consider so many different things. I really admire how they go about their business.

         Same with the pitching coaches, Righetti and Gardner. They’re the ones who scout the hitters and talk to Eli and me. They do a superb job. They get you ready for every game. I have never been so prepared for games on any other team I’ve played on. These two guys are unbelievable.

         When I arrived at the park yesterday afternoon, I was wondering how much the loss to the Rockies was going to affect the team. It was such a long, tough road trip. We got in late. Most of us didn’t go to sleep until about 6 in the morning. Then we came back here a few hours later.

         When I walked into the clubhouse, everyone was great. They were joking like they always do. There was a lot of energy. That told me a lot. How you bounce back from such a heart-breaking loss reveals what you’re all about. Some teams might have been dragging. But these guys had a great attitude. They’re always ready to go.

         And in another tough game last night, we battled and won. We don’t play many easy games, that’s for sure. It makes it exciting, I guess. But I think I’m ready for a few easy ones . . .

         See you at the park.


  1. crispyrn

    Good job on the 3 run homer tonight! The Giants are an awesome team just because everyone seems to have such a great attitude and there’s a chemistry that exists with the team. It’s so exciting to watch. Hope your calf feels better soon. Viva Gigantes!

  2. crazysfgiantsgirl

    Thank you so much for this post, Bengie!!! It’s really great to hear your perspective on things. I’ve been hearing from a lot of fans who are losing hope, but I know you guys can battle back, and I’ve seen it these past two games against Arizona! By the way, your pinch-hit 3-run homer to win us the game tonight was AMAZING!! Keep it up, I believe we can win the West!
    See you at the park 🙂

  3. jllowe

    Thanks for the update Bengie. This was encouraging to read. The true orange and black faithful believe in this team and know you are all in it to win it, and playing from the heart. Get well quick (all of you) and GO GIANTS. By the way, what did you say to the Diamondbacks catcher right before you hit that bad-*** game-winning homerun?

  4. jingles62

    Pretty amazing to read this post 2 hours after your 8th inning heroics.Personally,I took Mon.nites loss very badly.I’m still hurting over it 2 days later.I’m going through some tough times in my life right now,and watching My Giants is one of the things that keeps me going day to day.After reading your post and listening to Dave Fleming on the KNBR show from 10:00-11:30pm,I’m starting to feel a little better.Watching you trying to run the bases after your HR I can only hope and PRAY for you to get healthy as soon as you’re able. Unfortunately,It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to afford to go to any of the remaining games at AT&T. I might see you and the rest of the team in Sept.That is if I’ll be driving the bus when you’re in So Cal.Take care,Jingles(aka The Rally Pumpkin).

  5. dsix

    From a displaced fan’s perspective (in NYC but I’ll always bleed orange and black), the 2009 Giants are the most cohesive and emotionally-charged team we’ve seen since Dusty steered the ship. You guys have already surpassed most analyst projections of being a meager .500 ball club. Monday night was a very tough loss, but just that – one loss out of a 162-game season. As long as you guys are emotionally in the game, we, your fans, are right behind you.

  6. cobydick

    Though the loss to Colorado was tough. I noticed in the morning the Giants faithful still proudly wearing their Giants caps. We might get knocked down and take some hard bumps, but we are proud to be Giants fans and proud of the San Francisco Giants. Go out there and get the sweep, its been a long time since we’ve done that eh? Thats just how this team is, lose a heartbreaker then come back home and sweep a team. Imagine the Rockies heading to AT&T after you guys sweep the Diamondbacks.. They really will be the Rockies, cause their legs will be rocking back and forth as they take the field against you guys. No doubt they have an advantage at Coors Field, we all saw that. You guys have an even bigger one at AT&T Park, fans, history and field are behind you. Go get em!

  7. bigflavor12345@gmail.com

    Benjie– I gotta admit, I was not pleased to see Bochy send you up there with the bad leg and then see you go 0-2. But you validated the decision and I ate crow today on my blog. It’s time to give Bruce Bochy the credit he deserves.

  8. slbakalar@aol.com

    Hey Bengie!

    You are the heart of this team, and you proved that last night. Watching you limp around the bases showed what you are made of. We, as fans, have to remember that you guys are out there doing all you can to win… and maybe that will make the losses a tiny bit easier.
    Thanks for all you do. Hope you’re feeling better soon… we need you out there! I’ll be out for the game tomorrow night cheering my heart out — and as always… Go Giants!!


  9. d.acosta@mchsi.com

    Bro, thanks for sharing… You are the man great job. Hope you get better soon and take care! Danny

  10. star1135

    Thanks for the inside perspective! I have to admit I was pretty bummed after that game. I could tell everyone was giving it all they had, and then to lose it like that was pretty heartbreaking. But hearing your take on it helps!
    Great job at the plate the other day, coming in and getting that homer. That was awesome! I hope you are feeling better soon since we need all you guys out there!

  11. tellias

    I will never forget when, towards the end of last year, you crossed home plate after a home run and Posey was up in the stands. You popped your jersey at him, suggesting to him that the Giants are more than just a team, they’re a community; a family.

    You contribute a lot more to this team than just your defensive prowess and offensive clutch performances. You give it your all and act as the leader for this team. Keep it up! I’m certain fans and the Giants management will reward your hard work. I have no doubt that if the Giants are still in thick of it come the end of September, you will certainly be a big part of that.


  12. rhymeswithorange

    I’m ready for some easy ones too – the last game I watched was that extra inning heart breaker in Colorado – and then i went away on vacation – away from internet or cell phones – and the whole time I was really down about that game(not knowing that you guys were in the process of a SWEEP of Colorado!!!) -but I think everyone was so down about that game because there haven’t been any easy ones this year. Every Giants fan deserves a pat on the back for sticking with them this year. Every game is a battle. Every game is an emotional roller-coaster. This team may not be at it’s best all year – but the fans have followed the giants VERY close this year and they are invested emotionally – for good or for bad. I know i was one of those people questioning Bochy’s decisions during that extra inning loss in COL – but like every other fan out there I was only angry because i care so much about this team and see so much potential in them. Keep up the winning attitude and fantastic season. Thanks.

  13. wsinsf

    Thanks for taking the time to make that post. It’s so hard to know what you guys are thinking. I was heartbroken as the bottom of the 14th played itself out, and the 1-3 series with the Rox seemed to be a lost opportunity, but…

    You guys were so tough for those other 13 1/2 innings…the extra innings in particular were just one clutch performance after another.

    That was a pretty long roadtrip and you guys battled it out.

    I can’t tell you just how awesome it was to follow the 5-1 homestand including the Rockies SWEEP!

    You guys have proved over and over again just how much heart you have, including, of course, that 3-run pinch hit HR! I love watching you guys!

    Good luck, and I hope you are healthy again soon!

  14. qlabra

    Can’t wait to see you out there again Bengie, please get well soon. The offense is limp without you (I’m surprised they would even throw strikes to the panda without you behind him), and as much as everyone gushes about the pitching staff I don’t think you get enough credit for their performance. Also, the rookies are gonna need a veteran with playoff experience to help them stay consistent through this stretch run.

  15. lyndee

    Hey Benjie, Just wanted to say that it was good to see you in the game today. Hope you are feeling better. Don’t over do it, we need you. I know it was a tough loss today but you guys are still in this so keep it up. Can’t wait til you guys come home. Have a safe road trip……

  16. lizsbiz@sbcglobal.net

    I ToTALlY agree BEngiE! You cant let the media tell you who are. SUre, you guys have tough loses but one learns to get over it? right? AnYways, You guys are awesome and getting better everyday. As long as you believe in yourself its all good! If people say stuff just because of a lost then they aren’t real fans. (I dont know if this makes sense at all) but thats only my opinion. CONGRATS on game winning homerun against Milwaukee Brewers!! YOU GUYS ROCK! im always WaTChiNG!! GO GIANTS!!

  17. lonsmdv

    Bengie,THANKS! You guys are in the battle and are going to make it.just a little run support!!!! I am never counting you guys out.Play on!!!!!

  18. bigmun928@yahoo.com

    I hope for a speedy recovery on your quad! You guys are really making a great push for the playoffs! ALthough I am not a giants fan I am a fan of yours and have been for quite some time! Especially beings I am from and live in Yuma. IF you are ever in the area again and do any kind of autograph signings I would like to have one and to take a picutre wiht you! Keep pushing and doing what you do!

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