Catching Up

First, thanks for the wonderful comments so many of you left on my last post. I try always to have a positive outlook on life even when I’m struggling at the plate. How can I not have a positive outlook? I am so blessed to be playing this game.

But sometimes, when the balls aren’t falling and you don’t come through when your teammates need you, it’s difficult not to get frustrated and disappointed. So your comments truly lifted my spirits. I carry your thoughts with me every day onto the field. I play so hard because I know I’m playing not just for myself. I’m playing for my teammates and the Giants organization, of course, but it’s so important to me to play hard for the people who come out to our games and watch us on TV or listen on the radio and send us all their great energy. I can’t thank you enough for always being in my corner.

Second, sorry I haven’t written much lately. I’m trying to do better.

Going back to Randy Johnson’s 300th, it was awesome to be part of that. As you know, it wasn’t the greatest setting: wet and dreary and only a few thousand fans on hand in Washington, D.C. But Randy was unbelievable: He allowed just one unearned run in six innings, and even at the age of 45, he dove at a comebacker and barehanded it to throw the guy out.

My adrenaline about the historic milestone didn’t kick in until the eighth. We were ahead 2-1 and Brian Wilson was facing Adam Dunn with two outs and the bases loaded. Wilson had a 3-2 count on Dunn. That’s when you start thinking about the 300th game. How could we possibly walk in the run that ruined Johnson’s victory. Wilson threw a fastball that crossed the plate at Dunn’s knees. The umpire didn’t call anything, and I held the ball a little longer, showing that the ball was in the strike zone. The ump called a strike and we were out of the inning. I’m sure it’s lot of weight off Randy’s shoulders to have the 300th win under his belt.

It’s been fun to watch this team develop its personality. If you walked into our clubhouse, you’d always hear someone laughing – most likely Juan Uribe or Pablo Sandoval. Those two guys always find a way to have fun. They’re always making comments to make the rest of us laugh, even in the middle of a game. When Pablo hit a double recently and I ran from first to third, he yelled from second base about me needing some oxygen and covered his face as if he were holding an oxygen mask. When Juan hit his first home run of the season a few weeks ago in Arizona, it was Pablo’s idea to give Juan the silent treatment when he came back into the dugout. Everybody just sat in the dugout, ignoring Juan. He didn’t know what to do. He kept saying, “I don’t care, I don’t care.” Then we all got up and laughed and congratulated him.

That’s what makes a team come together. You can laugh and tease each other like a family because the truth is for eight months we’re around each other more than we’re around our families. We have a good balance of veteran guys, young guys, quiet guys, loud guys. Everyone, the Latin players and the American players, all get along and don’t break off into little groups like on some teams.

That’s one of those little things that keep a team together during rough times. We’re playing right now the way I knew we could play. Our starting pitching is the best in the league, and our bullpen is right up there, too. We get hits from different guys in the line-up every night. We’re just going to keep chipping away at the Dodgers’ lead.

We’re in Oakland tonight, which is great for me: Closer commute from Lafayette!

See you at the ballpark.


  1. giantzfan4life

    Hey Bengie.
    You have been doing the best that you can and that is all we could ever ask. Slump or not, your still a great player and you have a great heart.
    Randy Johnson’s 300 was an amazing milestone and I’m blessed to have seen it. I give him my congrats and wish him the best in his future.
    That was funny about giving Juan the silent treatment. You looked like you were trying so hard not to smile which made me laugh even more. But that’s good that you and your teammates have a good relationship like that.
    I wish you and everyone else the best of luck on this roadtrip and I can’t wait until you guys catch those Dodgers!!! =)
    Much love to all,

  2. geemee

    Thanks Bengie for posting. It makes me smile when I read your posts, you do such a great job of bring us into the clubhouse and the team. Just wanted you to know that I voted for you about 150 times for the all star game. You ARE the best catcher in MLB. Best wishes, Charlene


    Hi, Bengie!

    It’s always fun to read your blog. =)

    I want to tell you how you guys made my birthday very special. It was June 15th at AT&T Park, Section 127 right by the Giants bullpen. It was my 24th birthday and Tim Lincecum’s 25th (BOY, DO I ALREADY FEEL SPECIAL!) Before the game against the Angels started, you and Barry Zito had been warming up. I am not sure if you remember me but I was the girl who yelled at you saying, “Bengie, it’s my birthday. Hit a homerun!” and you just nodded and smiled.

    You may not have hit a homerun but things did not end there. Pablo hit two homeruns… and ANDRES TORRES HIT THE 48TH SPLASH HIT!!! =) Seeing a spalsh hit on my birthday was the most special thing that happened that day. I swear! I felt like it was so awesome that I only asked for a homerun but I got two…and a splash hit!

    Thank you guys for continuing to do better for the team. When you get to San Diego to play the Padres, you guys are guaranteed to have a fan in me.



    Hi Bengie. I am originally from the Bay Area, and a HUGE San Francisco Giants fan. Thank you so much for doing this blog. It keeps us fans and wanna-be professional baseball players closer to the game.

    I cannot tell you how wonderful I think you are. Not just as a baseball player, but as a man. The way you conduct yourself on and off the field is a true testament of your character, and what wonderful parents you have. I say have rather than had because although you recently lost your father, I know he is still with you at all times. You seem like a nice genuine person and a regular guy, which is missing in a lot of professional athletes. Someday baseball will be gone from your life, but you will always have your great reputation and character.

    I wanted to share two things with you. I am a professional musician in Central Florida, and last Saturday I performed after the Yankees vs. Marlins game with Tito Nieves. Tito sang the national anthem, and threw out the first pitch. We were all teasing him before the game about making sure he threw the ball over the plate, and not in the dirt, wide left. He did a great job! I thought it was interesting that even with a sold out crowd, you could not tell which team was the home team. I know it was the Yankees in town and Tito was singing after the game, but C’MON! South Florida fans do not support their team. I come down every year to see the Giants play the Marlins, and you would never know by the crowd attendance that they have won the World Series twice over the past 12 years! That’s one thing about Giants fans…We love and support our team…win or lose!

    The other thing I wanted to share is actually bad news. My father was recently diagnosed with cancer, and today was his first chemotherapy treatment. I still pray for a miracle, yet at the same time I realize that God may have a different plan for him. I am not sure why I am telling you this. Perhaps it is because I know you thought the world of your father, like I do mine. He is the kindest, wisest, and most wonderful, loving man and father. May I humbly ask that you keep my father Edward in your thoughts and prayers? I thank you from my heart. You have no idea how much it helps just to put my feelings into words…

    Best of luck for the rest of this season, and GO GIANTS!!!!



  5. crazysfgiantsgirl

    Bengie, thank you so much for these wonderful posts. They never fail to make me smile. 🙂 I love seeing the way you guys all interact with each other, you guys all really seem to get along well. I think that’s really great!! After the game, they showed you all giving Juan Uribe the silent treatment, and it was really funny seeing the way he responded and also how you couldn’t help smiling. I love that you are all really becoming close. Don’t worry about where the Dodgers are, all you can control is your own win-loss record. Just keep playing great baseball and you’ll catch up soon enough! I know you guys can do it!! See you at the ballpark 🙂


    Big Money
    you are the man and a great representative of the Latin Community, we greatly appreciate it, my 9 year old son is currently catching and pitching on his PONY baseball team and he really thinks you are a great player he hopes to meet you at the Ballpark someday. We will be at the Game tonight against Oakland, so lets GOOOOOOOOOOOO Giants and kick some Athletics butt.
    remember Big Money you are the man!!!!!

    we luv you

  7. tbgiant

    BENGIE: Just keep being who you are … we, Giants fans, LUV U!!! Just help all those wonderful pitchers you are leading/mentoring, and stay patient … look for that GOOD low ball … I SO hope Giants are smart and resign you …
    Keep Breathing!!!




    I just wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration to us Giants fans this year. Your professionalism and character shines through each time you play.

    On a personal note, I am especially sympathetic to you this year in light of the loss of your father. I too lost my father in Febuary of this year. He was my hero as your father was to you. He was the one who showed my how to live like a real man of character and honor. Everyday I think of him and feel the huge hole that is left in my heart knowing he is gone from me for now. But at the same time, he continues to inspire me to do it right everyday. I hope that you dwell on the postives of your father’s memory and that it continues to inspire you to live your life the right way both on and off the field. I know that you will continue to do well down the stretch. I am so glad you are Giant. We are truly blessed to have you with us. Thanks again.


  9. Marty_G

    Dude, you’re an inspiration to players and fans everywhere. Even though I’m a Twins fan first and foremost, I live in the Bay Area so get to see the Giants a lot. I’m very happy that the Giants are contending well this year after a few difficult seasons, and you know you’ve played a big part in that revival. Thanks for being the consummate professional that you are, and good luck with the NL West this year!
    Twins Limey

  10. az22

    Just read in the SJ Merc this AM all of the things you have on your mind. I’m sorry you are being distracted by things you can’t control. I understand about Jamie but other than that you can’t do a thing. Best you step back and re-evalute things and get your priorities in their proper place and let yourself be free of these things and concentrate on the game of baseball. Your hitting will come back if you let loose of some of the stress you have put on yourself and relax and not be up tight. Hope you and all of the team have a good road trip. Good luck to all….love your blogs.


    One of the many things I love about watching Giants baseball day in and day out is to see the effort you bring to field. Even when you are having a slump at the plate, your defense never seems to take a day off. I firmly believe that you are part of the reason that this Giants pitching staff is where it is. Thanks for all you do and keep up the hard work.

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