Reminders of Who We Are

I’m in the clubhouse waiting for Game 2 of our series against the Dodgers.

I was so happy to see Brian Wilson come back last night in Game 1 after giving up three runs in the ninth on Sunday. He was hitting the spots, which is the most important thing for me. We were mixing up the pitches really well.

I know there’s been a little dust-up over his Twittering or whatever it is. To be honest, I really don’t know what the whole thing was about. But you need to know that Brian Wilson is the hardest-working guy we have on the club. If you could see the way he works out, you’d be amazed.

He feels that if his body is invincible, his mind will be, too. It gives him a feeling that no one can beat him. No one should have any doubt that baseball is his top priority – because as all his teammates know, it IS his top priority.

When the season began, I took a pen and wrote something underneath the bill on my Giants cap.

“All out everyday.”

It’s something my dad always said to me. Now that he’s gone, he can’t remind me anymore. So I wrote it there. I see it every time I put on or take off my cap. I long ago stopped needing his reminder to play all out everyday. It’s what I do. It’s part of who I am as a player.

But I still needed to hear it. Not for the words. But for his words. The way he said it was like another way of saying he loved me. It was his way of still being my dad. He knew I always played all out. But he still said it because it was a thing between us, something he had been saying since I was a child.

Last week, I added another reminder of him, and of my mother, too, to my Giants uniform.

It’s a small patch sewn to the inside of my jersey in the spot that rests over my heart. On the patch are two words: “Mai” and “Pai” – mom and dad.


  1. star1135

    You guys played awesome last night, it was a fun game to watch!!!!! Hope we can take another one from the Dodgers tonight!!

  2. wyoboy

    I was glad to see Brian bounce back as well. I’m one of those crazy Twitterers haha, I wanted to tell him good job but looked like he got off of Twitter. Anyways it’s cool you are writing on here, best of luck this season!

  3. msltek

    I’m glad to see that you guys are all staying close, and coming together. Just recently moved out to Virginia from San Jose, and man what a culture shock. Alright i will see you guys in June when you come out to play the Nationals.

  4. willkan

    Bengie, I have a question.
    On last night’s broadcast (4/28 vs Dodgers) the Giant’s announcers were commenting on Sanchez having a change-up but never throwing it. He uses his splitter as a change-up they said.
    Isn’t a change-up easier to throw?
    I don’t understand these fireballers who throw mid to upper nineties with a hard slider to go with it but they don’t throw a change-up. It seems to me that someone throwing 95 would benefit greatly by having a 75 mph change up.
    Could you comment on this in a future post?
    I enjoy your work and what you said about your dad.

  5. giantzfan4life

    I loved reading Brian Twitters. He was hilarious. It took one person to mess it all up. Oh well though. Apparently that person didn’t know him like we fans do! I was glad to see him kick butt though! lol.
    That’s so sweet Bengie. You know your father is always there with you and will always be. For you, your brothers and your mother as well. =)
    I’m looking forward to seeing you guys beating LA tonight! I hope your not too sore after last night. lol. Tonight will be better. I hope you have fun!

  6. crazysfgiantsgirl

    Brian Wilson had an amazing inning on Monday night striking out the side! It was a great way to come back from Sunday. I really enjoyed reading his tweets, and I’m sad that he deleted his Twitter. ­čśŽ I think that’s really cool that you had such a great relationship with your dad, and that now you have those reminders of your mom and dad with you when you play.
    Good luck against the Dodgers tonight! I really hope you guys can win the series!


    Bengie! Great game tonight! I know the team has been having some trouble getting the runners in scoring position to score but today was testament that those days are over! Great job!!
    Another thing, I just wanted to mention that I really see your influence on Sandoval. The other night, the second game vs. the Dodgers in this series, Sandoval was jumping up and down yelling and throwing his water bottle around with such excitement, and when someone got on first, he was SOO happy! He looked back at you as if to be like ?BENGIE!! DID YOU SEE THAT??? and you nodded your head with a sense of calmness. (Maybe you were tired? Haha, I don?t know) But, I know how much you like Sandoval, and I just wanted to commend you on all of the time and effort you spend with him. Great game!


    I went to the ballpark tonight and, man, what a game. The hits, Lincecum’s seven… the Molina triple!!! A total treat. Keep up the great work!


    I always had respect for you as the Giants catcher, but my respect grew 10 fold when you described the patch on your uniform over your heart honoring you parents. Awesome sign of respect, the way it should be…keep swinging Bengie!!!


    Just curious, because you haven’t mentioned anything about this in a while … How is your aunt doing with her battle of cancer? She is still in my prayers, but I was just wondering if there was an update…


    BENGIE!!! I wanted to comment you on your last game that we lost to the dodgers… wow i really watched you play and you looked great!!!! i saw you having a tough time catching wild pitches but you managed to hold on i think i only saw one get by you. i just voted for you and all the other giants for the all star game! its good to see the giants doing great again, and im making sure everyone know because im posting it up on my status on myspace everyday! keep up the winning and the hot hands!


    Tremendo juego!!! Poquito a poco nos quedamos con la division. No te apures que tio Benjamin tiene asientos de primera fila a tus juegos y se que esta orgulloso de ti y el esfuerzo que estas dando por tu equipo. Sigue dando palos y siempre pa’ lante, Cuidate.

  13. angelsgirl012

    An angel fan that’s still a Bengie fan here to give my condolences to the Molina family for their loss.

    Best of luck to you Bengie

    p.s. ever consider writing as a career? (well err.. that’s after your playing baseball is done lol) You sure are good at it!

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