Answering some questions

All right, to continue answering the questions you have posted …
One person wanted to know if I might be faster if I lost a few pounds. My speed — or lack of speed — isn’t about my size. I slowed down from injuries to my hamstrings and quads between 1998 and 2001. I don’t need to lose weight. I’ve always been 215, 220. Now I might hit 225 but I’m usually around 220. My mother once told me she was watching me on TV and I looked big. I told her I was just the same as always. I said maybe I looked bigger on TV or maybe my uniform makes me look bigger. When she came here to visit and saw me in person, she was surprised that, sure enough, I was the same weight I always am.
Someone else asked which pitcher has been the most fun to catch. When I catch, I get so into the moment that my favorite pitcher is whoever I am catching. I catch each pitcher like he’s a superstar. Each has his own personality. I do remember, though, having a lot of fun with Paul Byrd, now with Cleveland. We knew each other so well, he used to call for particular pitches by moving his mouth this way or that. I don’t think anyone does that anymore.
yadi.jpgThere have been a few questions about the relationship between my brothers and me. We’ve always been competitive with each other, whether in baseball or Nintendo or Playstation. Yadier is eight years younger than I am, and I was 17 when I left home. So he was just a little kid. Jose and I shooed him away when he wanted to play with us most times. Obviously we had some positive influence on him, though, since he followed directly in our footsteps.
But of everyone in my family, if I ever became a manager, the person I’d ask to be my bench coach is my mother. It’s true. She’s the most intelligent baseball person. She never played but she learned from watching her husband and her sons.
She’ll call me and say, “Why’d you swing at that bad pitch? You know on 0-2 he likes to throw the slider!”
Or, “Why are you chasing balls up in the zone?”
She told me after one game, “Every single time there was a man on second, the first pitch they threw was a slider. Didn’t you notice?”
She gets genuinely mad at us. Sometimes I call just to say hi, and she’ll say, “I don’t care. You’re going to hear me.” And then she’ll blast me for not intentionally walking some batter in a particular situation. And I listen.
I can only imagine what she said to Yadier after he was ejected from a game the other day for arguing with the umpire. That was something she drilled into us: You should always show respect. Poor Yadier. Whatever satisfaction he got from arguing the call could not have been worth listening to our mother on the phone.
See you at the ballpark. Thanks for writing and for taking the time to let me know how much you support the Giants.


  1. barryisthebest

    hi bengie!

    this is my first time commenting you but i’m a loyal reader of your blog. i check everyday to see if you have a new entry! =]

    i was wondering what it’s like in the clubhouse before the game starts. i read that a lot of you guys just listen to music and chill so is it pretty much just ‘alone time’ for all of you?

    also, just out of curiosity, i gave barry zito a bag with presents on his birthday this past may. did he say anything about it?? haha!

    well keep up the incredible work and i’m voting for you and aaron everyday! and also please pass on the word to the rest of the team that no matter how tough things may get [knock on wood that it doesn’t] i will always support and love my giants always! =]



    Oh my goodness, you gave me a huge chuckle tonight reading about your mom! Now I wonder what I would be like if one of my boys makes it into MLB. How funny!I know I am learning more about the game daily and I keep studying the MLB rules and attempt to apply them to the games. And I am so rough on my kids about respect. Oh man, I can only imagine what your mom said to Yadier! LOL! Some of my kids are young adults now and it is so difficult to QUIT being mommy and keep my opinions to myself. Thank you for the warmth you have added to the Giants by being so transparent and including your fans in your life in a sense. It has truly helped a family oriented person like me really enjoy the Giants so much more this year! Blessings to you and yours!!!

  3. Phillyace

    another amusing and interesting post. btw how is yadier? he got barreled over the other day, and he was taken out on a stretcher. is he ok?

  4. bengiefan

    Ah, it’s good to know you still listen to your mom Bengie. 🙂 I have a 5 year old that wants to be you when he grows up (perhaps with a little encouragement from his mommy) and I hope that someday he still listens at least a little bit to me.
    Thanks for answering our questions. I know I say thank you every time I comment on your blog but your continued commitment to your fans is so appreciated – at least by me.



    I am about to compete for the starting spot on varsity at catcher for my school. I was wondering if there were any drills i could do to improve my catching. My main problem is blocking the balls in the dirt.


    And I thought my Grandma’s lectures are annoying and scary whenever I get B’s. I can imagine what your brother Yadier had to go through in the phone call. At least your mother gives you advise on how to improve.

    Just one more question:
    Do you think Barry Zito has bad luck or is he in-confident?

  7. msltek

    Hey Bengie,
    That is awesome that your mom watches your guys careers so closey!! Unfortunately for me neither my mom, nor step dad really got into my sports. which was nice because there was no pressure(from home) to perform well, lord knows we give ourselves enough.

    Zito is having some rough outings, do you think that a bullpen stint(with some actual relief work) can help? or maybe a few starts at AAA Fresno or even A San Jose?

    My coworker is as die hard fans for the Athletics as i am for the Giants, and he just keeps telling me that after the All Star break, Zito will become a different pitcher. What is your take?

    I attended the June 14 game against the Athletics, the Softball game was awesome!! and the appreciation ceremony prior to first pitch was heart warming to say the least. However Aarons presence in center left me with a bad taste, (being that my seats were on the center field wall) he seems to be overly focused on the game. Its as if he doesnt enjoy playing, it is his job. I am curious what his demeanor is like in the dugout? He is reminiscent of Bonds.


    Hi! Well, to start this off, I am a die-hard Phillies fan and a HUGE Aaron Rowand fan which is why I am commenting/asking a question. Ever since Aaron came to SF, I’ve been following him and the Giants and actually, I’m starting to become a Giants fan too lol (sorry but my Phillies still come first =]).
    Benjie, I was wondering, how’s he doing? How’s it like to have him in the clubhouse? I don’t want to seem like some obsessed girl who just thinks he’s cute (which he is, but he is also a GREAT player) but (like I said before) I am a die-hard Rowand fan and miss him very much and quite frankly, Philly misses him. Let us know how he’s doing. Thank you! =]
    (Let’s go Phillies and Giants!!) (too bad you’re in the same league; it would be fun if you could face each other in the World Series sometime =]) (Also, I’ve been voting for you and him along with the Phillies players for the All-Star game =])

  9. motz

    Hey Bengie – good to hear from you. I cannot say it enough,
    it is so great of you to do this blog.

    Were we astounded!? When you burst out the bad times on
    Friday annnnnnnd on the rare broadcast TV with a HIT! and of course the Giants won. Alleluia!

    We are with you in deploring these strange almost spooky home stands. —— This stuff will pass!


    Hey Bengie!
    Good to know mom’s are the same around the world, LOL.
    You and the team are working your tails off and I So Appreciate watching all of your effort! I can see that with all the new and less new talent, hehe it’s only a matter of time til the Giant’s are a well oiled team and everyone is in tune with eachother!!! My friends and I are behind y’all 200%!!!
    Oh, and Happy belated Father’s Day!



    What’s up Bengie!
    Even though I’ve read your entries before this is my first time leaving a comment, so first of all I’d like to say that regardless of your speed, whether it be batting or catching, I think you are truly an amazing athlete, and hopefully you’re playing July 5th against the Dodgers cause I’ll be at the game and I can see you “Do your thang!!”(LOL) A question I have though is besides catcher is there any other position that you have played or would like to play? And not to change the subject, but I’d love to know what Bengie Molina does when he’s not playing ball, either when there’s a day off or when the season is over. Good Luck on tomorrows game!


  12. motz

    Dear Bengie,

    YOU being big and somebody else being big are two different things. Sure, we all want to get down sometimes – but that’s my problem – not yours! You have to keep a little weight around to provide energy and maybe even nutrients for fighting all those injuries that come your way.

    But this is not important in the face of all your fabulous achievements. If you do not go to the All Star Game, it will be a shame!

    Don’t worry, the real fans see you busting your butt off!

    and more important, your team mates see it and appreciate it too.


    Unable to get to sleep, I started browsing the internet, and of course made my daily stop to I started reading your blogs, and then I realized that it had been fourty-five minutes, and I really shouldn’t still be up. I love reading your blogs.. especially when you talk about your daughters. I’m daddy’s little girl, and he spent a lot of time with me, even if he had had a rough day. Even if it was just watching Spongebob together, he’d let me stay up an extra half hour after my bedtime so we could watch it together. I know we’ll get the Athletics tomorrow with Lincecum pitching tomorrow. Just know you’ll always have loyal fans here in SF, even if you decide to go to another team. I’ll be reading your blogs later All-Star!

  14. motz

    Hey Bengie!

    This time leading up to the All Star Game always seems to be the pits. And to this fan family it’s worse with having to play the A’s!

    Before I say something I’ll regret about the A’s, I wanted to thank you for sharing your family with us. It is really neat that all three brothers are catchers. Thanks for the picture of Yadier. Thanks for telling us about your Mom.

    Well, we shall be rootin’ extra tonight for Lincecum but mainly we’ll be rootin’ for you. And take care!



    WHOOHOO! You were AWESOME tonight vs the A’s. Congratulations!! Between you and Lincecum there was nothing but heart out there on the field… impressive!
    Good luck tomorrow, but tonight — sleep well. You’ve earned it!

    Keeping my fingers crossed to see you at the AllStar game in a couple of weeks — you deserve it.



    Haha that’s really funny about your mom. Maybe you should bring her into the dugout during a game sometime. Well just wanted to say good luck and congrats on that nice double today, and the win. We’ll keep voting for you to get to the All-Star game. You definitely deserve it.


    I’ve been a fan since the mid 40’s when the Dodgers were in Brooklyn (hurray!) and the Giants in New York (yuck). I switched teams when both teams moved west and the Giants ended up in SF. Strange to think now how I hated the dreaded Giants.

    For as far back as I can remember, my heroes have always been catchers. You’re the latest in a long, long list.

    Keep up the good work. Few catchers break any land speed records. I’m not sure how you’re able to move at all with all that crouching.

    My very best wishes for the rest of the season.


    Awww Bengie… you’re an AllStar in my book!! You deserve to be there, but now maybe you can get some much needed rest. Congrats to your pitchers though… they are going partially because of YOU!
    Good luck in New York and Chicago and know I’m here rooting for you!


  19. motz

    Gulp! Choke! – Bengie not in the All Star Game!@#@%!
    But now is not the time to be angry and sad. Next time, Bengie will be in the All Star Game.

    We think you will be in the Hall of Fame someday.
    In the meantime, we hope you will find some time to be
    with your family and friends and get some rest!

    Great Blog!


    Hey Bengie~

    Just watched the heartbreaker in Chicago… great effort though!
    I’m wondering, after watching you backhand the 97 mph ball from Wilson…. how the heck do you have reflexes like that? Is that something you work on, or is it just part of who you are? Fantastic job!!

    Go get ’em tomorrow… and enjoy the break!


  21. jingles62

    B-Mo,you’re probably still sore (phisically&emotionally)after Saturday’s game in Chicago.You play the GAME with such GREAT ability.It is incredible to watch how Omar and yourself play your positions on the field. After a few days of much needed rest,the team will be ready to turn it on for the rest of the season. I still believe in My GIANTS and will always continue my unwavering support for this organization. I’ll see you on July 27th. I’ll be on the runway next to the bus in Burbank wearing my “BEAT LA/DODGERS SUCK” orange tee-shirt. Take care. Jingles the bus driver. P.S. If you get the chance, check out my I have a link to your website.

  22. imagamer

    Hi Bengie,

    Love your blog, and I’m impressed that you take the time to answer every question and are so candid with the fans.
    My question is about the July 12 game against the Cubs…which was a great game, by the way (even though we lost at the end). I was watching on television and it was clear you were very disappointed at the end because you and Emmanuel Burriss stayed in the dugout well after everyone else went inside. What were you two talking about then? Were you upset because you thought DeRosa was out? Because the throw was off line? Or just because the Giants had fought so hard to come back only to lose on a close play? I love the Giants and am behind you guys all the way. Go get ’em in the second half!


    Like my mama Yoli & Pakita says, your there due you are the biggest of the biggest good hearthed kid in the Giants. So keep it going… for what is my concern , the only thing that I can say : Siguele asi papacito , tu sabes lo que vales y Dios te tiene ahi por que eres grande…. Un besote y mil saludos…Alex say: Arriba los Giants 🙂


    Hi, I was just wondering if there’s a place we can send emails or comments to other members of the team. Thanks.

  25. jazie

    Hi Bengie,

    I am a huge Giants fan. You are one of my favorite players. I have a question to which I really hope you answer. The question is if Tim Lincecum is half Filipino? I am Filipino and had saw a news clip on YouTube saying that he was. Can you please please please please answer this in your blog.

    Thanks =)

  26. motz

    Dear Bengie!

    As always YOU have come through for us. It’s not that we don’t appreciate the other players, but it seems to us that YOU are the real leader of the team. YOU come through regardless of the hard times the Giants have had. Thanks for everything – the 3 run homer on the 24th, the open hearted encouragement of Pablo Sandoval, and the putting up with the media clods and their negative interpretations of things. GIANTS WILL RULE because of players such as you! And again Thank You for this great blog.

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