Player of the Week

My priority is catching, so I don’t like to talk much about hitting. But it’s
a l
ittle difficult to avoid the topic lately.

I have had good streaks before, but none like the one I had a week ago. It
was incredible. To quote the summary put out by Major League Baseball when I was named
National League Player of the Week: .652 batting average (15-for-23) with six doubles and nine RBIs for the week ending May 25, compiling a .654 on-base and 1.043 slugging percen
tage in that span.

I wish I could explain why a player catches fire at the plate. You just do. You see the ball better. It’s hard to put into words because, obviously, your eyesight doesn’t su
ddenly get better. Maybe something shifts in your brain that allows you — for some limited time — to be hyper-focused. I don’t know. All I know is that my eyes seem to pick the ball up right when it leaves the pitcher’s hand.

And here’s Part II of being on a good streak: When the ball reaches you, you know exactly what to do with it.

I always have a plan for every bat, which depends on who’s pitchin
g, what the game situation is, etc. So that’s the same whether you’re on a good streak or a bad one. But when you’re going good, you execute your plan almost every time. You get the pitch you’re looking for. You hit it just the way you want.

And of course, success breeds confidence. So when you’re going good, you relax. You don’t press. You don’t go trying to hit a home run when all you need is a base hit. You go up to the plate truly believing that nobody can get you out.

I know, too, that part of any really great streak has some element of luck. I got a lot of good pitches to hit. They weren’t pitching around me. They weren’t getting me out. I had the opportunities to come through and keep hitting.

It helped that part of the road trip was in Miami. I love that weather. It’s the weather of my childhood in Puerto Rico.

Some people have asked if I had any superstitions about how to keep the streak going — like not changing my socks or taking batting practice from a particular coach. I don’t believe in superstitions, so I just went about my day the way I always do.

We’re up against the Mets tonight and looking to have another exciting win like yesterday’s. I’m still feeling invincible at the plate. I still feel that nobody can get me out. Even when I do get out, I know I’m swinging well and still seeing the ball.

That’s it for now. I enjoy answering your questions, so don’t hesitate to write me. I’ll answer them in a future entry.

As always, thanks for reading and for supporting my teammates and me. We love seeing you out at the ballpark.


  1. lowlyofficegopher

    Hi Bengie! Congratulations on the Player of the Week honors, and for getting your 1,000th hit tonight (Monday, June 2)!

  2. SFGiants4life48

    Hi Bengie!Or should I say Big Money Molina!I am your biggest fan and my biggest dream on this World is to meet you and your teammates!I wanted to Congratulate you on being Player of the week!I also wanted to Congratulate you on your 1,000 hit tonight!Brian Horwitz really is something else!He is Awesome!!!My question for you is do you think it’s easier catching or hitting?I also wanted to know what’s your favorite thing about being on the Giants?Thank you SO much for taking time out of your schedule for your fans!That’s really nice of you!Thank you so much for taking your time to read this,and I wish you and your teammates all of the luck in the world in your future games!Keep up your great hitting and catching!Bye!Take Care! ~Your biggest fan,Yourkiah!~ =)

  3. raysfgiants

    hey bengie. i just started reading your blog and i’m very appreciative that you take the time to give your perspective and thoughts when i’m sure you’re already very very busy. but what you’re doing really contributes to the game and i just want to encourage you to write more because your blog is very interesting and i love reading more about the giants. amazing performance by the way 🙂


    hey!! good job on hit number 1000!!!! you did FANTASTIC yesterday, as well as the rest of the team too! it was a fun night at the park yesterday


    Congratulations, Benjie. It’s such a pleasure watching you play.

    I know you’re very sensitive about your lack of foot speed. At the risk of offending you, do you think that losing some extra pounds might help in this? It’s amazing what a few less pounds does not only for speed, but also for stamina.

    All the best to you and the Giantsl.

  6. thekfny28

    Hello, Bengie! I want to start off by congratulating you for 1000. That’s a pretty big milestone, reaching 4-digits is some accomplishment in my book, that’s for sure. Second, though I’m not a real Giants fan, I find your blog is one of the most insightful a baseball fan can find and I admire that.

    I just wanted to ask you a question, and I’m pretty sure you’ve been asked this a few times in the past, but still, I’m curious. What pitcher did you have the most fun catching in your career? You can give multiple answers if you want to.

    Anyway, good luck with the fielding and hitting and such.
    Yours truly,
    -EJ/Kid From New York


    I really like your blog because I always wonder what ball players really think about the games. Congratulations on being player of the week and thank you for staying in the game long enough to get 1000+ hits. I like watching you and love your spirit. I remember you saying last year that the guys weren’t playing hungry enough (or something like that). That certainly doesn’t seem to be the case this year; don’t you agree? Good luck on your coming road trip!

    Lil G.


    Congratulations Bengie on your 1,000th hit!! It’s an amazing accomplishment and I’m thrilled for you and proud to be a Bengie Molina fan! I just watched your tv interview and called my girls in to listen to you say that “they didn’t think I could make it” but you didn’t let anyone stop you. You rock!! You are a great role model for kids and quite an inspiration. I’m glad to have found your blog… you speak like you play, with great heart. Thank you!


  9. bengiefan

    Congratulations Bengie! This is exactly the reason you are my favorite player. Well this and a whole lot of other reasons but this is just awesome. I can’t say enough how much I love watching you play. I look forward to your blog and especially to watching you and the Giants play ball. You’re an awesome Giant and an awesome person. Thank you.


  10. msltek

    Monday night was one of the most exciting games i have seen this year! Randy with a lead of HR, Horwitz with hi s first ML HR. not to mention Irish Hertiage and the step dancers!!

    It was as if your hitting streak merge itself to the rest of the bats, a 6 run 1st inning!! wow!!

    I stand by my previous statement that we are contenders this year, true we are still in the basement in 3rd place 7 games out, but with the way the rest of division is playing I see us making a run and clenching the NL west this year.

    Kevin and Merkin i know as making their way back up to the club, is KC still slated to return Wed the 4th? Any word on Noah pitching in SJ or F soon? Any chance to see him before the season ends?

    thanks for taking time from your very busy schedule to post your blog.

    Daniel B

  11. Phillyace

    I’m a phillies fan, but I love reading your blog. It’s not everyday we get a look into the players. This is so cool. Thanks for taking your time to do this. By the way, tell Aaron Rowand I said hi. He won’t know me obviously but tell him I was a huge fan when he was in Philly!

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